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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Breakroom Furniture

With the crisis of resignation continuing to affect many organizations, employees who have chosen to remain are working harder than ever before. Having fewer employees often results in many team members working longer hours. Despite the rush to complete all tasks, it is important not…

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Bring Home to the Office

One-third of our lives are spent working, and we should make this time as enjoyable as possible. Working from home has many benefits, and employees reported that comfort was one of them. Make your office as comfortable as your home. As offices prioritize comfortable workspaces in both breakroom and collaborative areas, expect to see offices…

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Benefits of Ottomans in Your Office Lounge

As you prepare the lounge space in your office, the first two things you may consider are coffee tables and lounge chairs. These are the pieces of furniture that anchor your space and are used most frequently, so they make a great place to start. But as significant as those pieces are, don’t forget to…

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When Should You Redesign Your Office?

A fresh start is always exciting. New beginnings, however, are not always easy. This is certainly true when it comes to giving your office a fresh look. A redesign of an office requires careful planning so that your space and your budget are used to their best advantage. Because of this, people often wonder how…

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Moveable Modular Furniture Improves Flexibility

Modular furniture, already a popular trend, will continue to be a driving force in 2022. As more workers return to the workplace and with varying occupancy rates across the day, flexibility will continue to be the main driver of commercial furniture trends. Modular office furniture allows you to tailor your office furniture to your company’s…

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