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Finding the Perfect Desk

In the office, your desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture. It anchors your office and supports all the tasks you perform. From serving as a place where you can put your computer and other gadgets to being a docking station for…

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Complete Interior Office Design and Buildout for an Accounting Department

A luxury new car dealer wanted to buildout an entire new space for their accounting department in a building they had acquired located next to the dealership. Ten years prior the owner did a build out with PVI on their main facility. Knowing this I quickly pulled up their records and learned they had used…

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What Furniture Should You Have In Your Reception Area?

As visitors walk into your office, the reception area is the first thing they see, and the last area they pass through on their way out. Having a cheerful and bright reception area is one of the most effective ways to welcome people into the workplace. How can a reception area be made to feel…

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In recent years, the office has changed and evolved rapidly. Natural, sustainable, and acoustic designs, comfort in the workplace, and flexible and adaptable furniture were some of the last trends to emerge. Several of these office trends are here to stay as many organizations continue to discover what hybrid looks like. Collaboration, community, and well-being…

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Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs

No matter a company’s culture or brand aesthetics, there are essential furniture pieces that every office needs. Trust PVI Office Furniture to help you choose the right office furniture for your business for the new year. Chairs Are you finally ready to purchase that new chair? It can be difficult to decide which option is…

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