decluttering the office

How To Declutter Your Workspace

Are there any pack rats in your office? Is this desk always cluttered with piles of paperwork spread out everywhere and no matter what they are looking for, they are unable to find what they are looking for? You can reduce the clutter and get your workspace back in order with these helpful tips that will help you declutter and keep it clean and organized:

decluttering the office

Your Worksurface

The workstations in today’s office are often just a few square feet wide and if we clutter them up with papers and other personal items, it is less likely we will be able to maximize their use. Sort through the stacks of paperwork and organize them into the following categories:

Keep — Arrange important documents, current projects, and similar items into folders with clearly labeled folders.

file cabinets and drawers unclutter and organize
You should recycle old projects and drafts that have been digitized and toss out any old documents you have already reviewed. If you haven’t read the article within a week, recycle or donate it.
The shredding of sensitive documents is an essential part of our work. Ensure that you place the documents in the proper shred pile and dispose of them in the proper manner when you have finished with them.
Belongs Elsewhere — Whenever something seems out of place, return it to its proper location regardless. They should not be placed on your desktop to clutter up your workspace.

Drawers and Storage

drawers shelves and storage units

Following the organization and decluttering of your work surface, it is time to move on to the drawers and smaller office supplies. If it is smaller than a breadbox, it should be placed in a drawer or storage cubby. To keep your small supplies handy, use a drawer organizer.

Personal Items

What about personal items? Most of our day is spent at our desks, so it is nice to have a few items around to remind us of why we are there. Try to limit the number of personal items to three or fewer to avoid distractions. To keep things fresh and interesting, keep the items small and switch them out every few weeks. This could be a beautiful flowerpot, a calendar featuring your beloved pet, or a frame with a picture of your family.

a well organized cubicle workspace

Make sure that you do not clutter your desk with bulky items such as jackets, purses, and blankets. If you want to keep your area decluttered, you should store those things in a drawer or overhead. Take a few minutes every week to clean out your work tote/laptop bag as well.

Putting It Together

Clean desks convey professionalism, while cluttered desks may reflect a poor work ethic. Listed below are a few other useful tips to help you get back on track at work:

  • Make sure you remember your computer desktop! It is important to schedule set times for checking email and answering pending inquiries, removing temporary files, discarding drafts, creating folders, and reorganizing your work area to make your workday as productive as possible.
  • The importance of good lighting, preferably natural light, cannot be overstated. If not, a good task light can improve mood and cause less eye strain.
  • Keep your worksurfaces free of clutter by using drawers, shelves, or paper management products instead of worksurfaces for storage.
  • It may be necessary to expand your workstation if you find you need more space or you can use creative storage options, such as cubes/shelves that come in a variety of fun colors, to make the most of the available space.
  • It is important not to forget to sanitize and disinfect your work area on a regular basis. Once every other week, make it a priority to wipe everything down.
  • As a habit, make it a habit to tidy up your desk area and clean it off during the last 5 minutes of your day to keep it neat and tidy. Having a clean work area every morning will allow you to have a fresh start every day.

uncluttered line desks
A decluttered and well-organized work environment facilitates improved productivity, better focus, and reduced distractions. We all lead busy work schedules, but following these tips can help you stay on top of your workday and live a more clutter-free existence.

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