New & Used Office Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

At PVI, we understand you have a lot of questions about how to refurnish and redesign your office space. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile some frequently asked questions and make this information available to you. Investing in new office furniture is a large investment, so you need to know as many specifics as possible. Of course, if you’d like to receive a quote or have any questions not answered here, you can just contact PVI today!

General Office Furniture Questions

Our new furniture comes straight from our manufacturers and has never been used before. You can expect it to be flawless—no snags, tears, or scratches. Our used furniture comes from local businesses around the Washington, DC area and has little wear and tear.

Our office is located in Frederick, Maryland and will deliver furniture to any office within the DC metro area, including Maryland and Virginia.

We offer financing options through our third-party partner, Horizon Keystone Financial.

Office space planning is similar to interior design services. We will work to carefully place your furniture that will not only maximize your space but also create a functioning workflow that will maximize productivity.

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We carry a variety of popular furniture brands, including:

  • OfficeSource

If you have a growing company, chances are you gain more people throughout the years—minimizing the space in your office. If you are looking to maximize that space, schedule interior design service with PVI. We will help you maximize the space in your office.

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Office Chairs

Office chairs are all personal preference. When deciding which style of office chair you should choose, we recommend visiting our showroom and testing them out yourself before you decide.

We carry a variety of popular seating brands, including:

  • OfficeSource
  • SitOnIt
  • Harden
  • Space
  • United Chair
  • Mayline
  • Office To GO
  • Euro Tech

Office Desks

PVI offers a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes of desks. Visit our showroom to see what desks we have to offer.

If you are unsure which desk to purchase, first decide on size. Measure your office space and measure how large you would like your desk. Then, look at desks within your budget that are that particular size. Contact PVI for space planning service to make the decision easy!

Many of the desks we have include several drawers and cabinets for maximum storage. If you have many documents, you may want to invest in extra file cabinets for your office.

Brands we offer include:

  • Candex
  • OfficeSource
  • Groupe Lacasse
  • Three H
  • Harden Contract Office Furniture
  • Mayline
  • Harden
  • Indiana
  • HON
  • Office Star Products
  • OfficeSource
  • Global Furniture Group

File Cabinets

At PVI, we have a variety of file cabinets that come in all different sizes. Depending on how many files you have to store and the space you have available, we can find a file cabinet perfect for your space.

Does your office feel cluttered? Are you struggling to have enough room to fit basic office essentials in your office? Do you have new employees starting soon and you just don’t know where you’re going to put them? Well, fortunately, there are ways to design your office space in a way that maximizes space.

Reception Furniture

You should arrange your reception furniture to be comfortable and inviting. Keep in mind you want all of your guests to be able to see the front desk. Contact PVI for space planning services for optimal interior design.

You want desks that are large enough to make a statement but also a size where guests can see the receptionist. Stop by our showroom to see all of our desks.

You can add many things to your reception area such as plants, paintings, and colored walls to make your reception area more attractive.

Need More Information About Office Furniture?

If you are looking for more information, call the furniture experts at PVI. We can help you find the perfect furniture for your conference room, reception area, or office space. Contact us online or give us a call for more information.