Why Buying Used Office Furniture Makes Sense for Your Bottom-Line

If you’re opening a new business or expanding your existing business, the decision to purchase new office furniture can be overwhelming. From business owners to CFO’s know that office furniture is a very big expense in their budget and that’s why many companies consider used office furniture a better alternative to purchasing brand new office furniture.

At PVI Office Furniture, we know used office furniture. For over 25 years, we have made used office furniture a cornerstone of our business model. On our blog today, we want to give you tips on why it makes sense for your bottom-line to invest in used office furniture.

Used Office Furniture Is Consistent

Typically used home furniture is very different than used office furniture. Home furniture has different material that is not made with the same standards as office furniture – which is made to be more durable.

Commercial grade office furniture is made to last and hold up to more wear and tear – thus the cost benefit is that you are getting when you purchase used office furniture is that even if it has a few dings and scratches, it is still a quality piece of furniture that will last you longer than something you may purchase from a home furnishing retailer or manufacturer.


In many cases, you may not be able to tell the difference between used or new office furniture as well – sometimes used office furniture is given this term even if it was only placed in an office once. “Used” is a term given for floor models, discontinued products and overstocked office furniture.  Thus, the benefit of buying used is that you may be getting a piece of furniture that is not “used” but rather a first run product that is discounted.

Used Office Furniture Is Cost Effective

In many cases you can save up to 70% off your office furniture budget with the purchase of used office furniture. That can make a huge impact on your office furniture spend and allow you to allocate funds to other budget needs. Office furniture shouldn’t break your bank account but it also should complement your office space. With implementing good quality used office furniture, you can still attain your aesthetic goals of having the right impression for your clients as well the keeping your employees productive without having to sacrifice your other business necessities. 

Used Office Furniture Has A Faster Delivery Turnaround

When you purchase new office furniture often you are at the mercy of the manufacturer shipping schedule. You may have to wait weeks for items to come in or the dreaded “backorder” of office furniture you wish to have delivered. At PVI, we have our own installation and delivery team in house and we know from experience that our own used office furniture delivery ships faster because it’s on our showroom floor or in our warehouse. This gives us the ability to deliver and install it faster because there is no delay in waiting for items to come in from any manufacturer.

This is an especially important point for companies who are bringing in new employees quickly or perhaps a new company that is taking office space and needs to fill their space on a timeline. Also, this a good alternative to renting office furniture which can be very expensive. Another benefit to purchasing used office furniture as opposed to rental office furniture is that you don’t have to give back at the end of the rental agreement and in many cases, it’s much cheaper to buy than rent.

Another point – used office furniture doesn’t require a lot of assembly. Most used office furniture such as desks, chairs, file cabinets are already assembled. So it’s just a question of delivery and installation.

Used Office Furniture Is Very “Green”

We hear this term “green” a lot. It seems every company is looking for ways to make their environmental impact smaller and more “green” friendly. By purchasing used office furniture, you are recycling and that helps keep office furniture out of landfills and dumps. Many times, companies will simply just trash their old office furniture – whereas they could recycle or donate it.  At PVI, we offer removal services for used office furniture as well.  Some of our used office furniture has been recycled from our removal services if it is in good condition. We take the time to review these items before we remove them to ensure that nothing is wasted.

For our customers, purchasing used office furniture can be a great selling point in their own public relations as it gives you the ability to let your clients and employees know that you care about the environment of our planet and will make every effort to ensure that you are not wasting valuable resources. Going “green” is a great way to show you care!

The Bottom-Line

Used office furniture is great way to save your bottom-line! Not only will you get good quality office furniture for a better price but you can also ensure that you get the best deal for your company’s productivity and aesthetics. Used office furniture has come a long way from just being “garage sale” pieces. When you buy used office furniture, you are buying quality pieces that help your business grow!

To learn more about PVI’s used office furniture selection, visit our Frederick, Md showroom.  You can see our selection of used office furniture in person from desks, ergonomic chairs, reception stations, workstations and more.

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