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When Should You Redesign Your Office?

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A fresh start is always exciting. New beginnings, however, are not always easy. This is certainly true when it comes to giving your office a fresh look. A redesign of an office requires careful planning so that your space and your budget are used to their best advantage. Because of this, people often wonder how frequently they should consider redesigning their offices.

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Rather than looking at the time since your last redesign, it’s important to think about other signs that might mean it’s time to revisit the design of your office. There are a wide range of factors that influence productivity, but workplace design is one of the most important. There is more to it than getting fitting the most desks and chairs into a given space. Time lost to inefficiencies can quickly add up when an office layout doesn’t provide people with the support they need to do their jobs efficiently. When your team isn’t as productive as they could be, or if people mention specific problems in the office, redesigning your office may be worth considering.

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Although an office design may have worked well for you at some point in the past, that does not necessarily mean it is right for you going forward. As business evolves, so do the needs of companies. As your team increases, it’s a perfect time to reevaluate your office design, for example whether to choose an open office concept or private offices. You might want to consider adding things like modular workstations that can grow and change with your company as it grows.

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A good workplace isn’t just about free coffee and snacks. Considering the space as a whole can be a benefit in itself. It’s only natural for people to want to work for companies that have offices they enjoy spending time in because work is such a big part of our lives. It is common for people to be drawn to environments that inspire them and keep them engaged. Whether individuals are actively seeking a new position or are just looking at their career options, office design may have an impact on their final decision.

What kind of impression would you like your office to convey to someone who visits it for the first time? Designing their offices to incorporate branded elements and to reflect their corporate culture can instantly give people a sense of what the company is all about. When perception and reality are at odds, visitors and employees can get mixed messages. Designing your office so that it better reflects your brand personality can not only help improve perceptions of your brand, but also help boost employee morale.

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