sound blocking office pod in gray and blue

What is an Office Pod?

Q: What is an Office Pod?

A: The office pod is an innovative piece of furniture that encapsulates its users, either partially or completely. It eliminates or limits noise distractions. There are designs that can accommodate one person as well as those which can accommodate small groups of workers while providing a level of privacy without enclosing them completely. The typical office privacy booth has clear sides, allowing the user to remain part of the office environment. Perfect for small group work or just a way for employees to work in a quiet area with minimal distractions, pods give workers a reprieve from high-traffic areas.

black office pods offer privacy in a reception area

It is possible you have seen an office pod and thought about how useful it could be, but did you know that there are different types that can be used for different purposes? There are some office pods that can accommodate groups of up to four people, while others can accommodate only one individual, and some are even used at home to provide a little more structure in the work-from-home environment. Because of their trendy and simplistic appearance, pods are an excellent complement to any office. There are many pods that have large see-through sides, allowing workers to enjoy an open and airy environment without any of the distractions common in open offices.

yellow and gray office pods with matching booths

A single-person pod is a good choice for high-traffic areas and would work well in an environment that is noisy or fast-paced if an employee needs some privacy to speak on the phone, video chat, or just to be alone. Unless they are virtual, these types of booths cannot accommodate more than one person for collaborative work. The multi-person privacy booth is a great option for a shared workspace, meeting areas, collaboration spaces and other high-traffic areas since it can be used for work or meetings as well.

Series Priva glass walled office pod for private calls

It is becoming more and more common for workers to work remotely or use hybrid work models, which is resulting in the need for dedicated workspaces for workers. As hybrid offices become more collaborative, the need for focused work environments cannot be overlooked, and acoustic booths and pods can assist in providing these areas.

sound blocking office pod in gray and blue

No matter which type of office pod you choose, they all share similar characteristics. Privacy booths provide workers with a space to escape and work without distractions, and most of them are soundproof, which significantly reduces noise levels. Some pods are equipped with monitors, charging stations, and even climate control.

different styles and colors of office pods

A privacy booth or pod in the office can provide workers with a level of privacy that is unmatched in any other work environment, regardless of whether it is being used by workers periodically or as a more permanent solution. With the help of PVI, you can ensure that your workers receive the level of privacy they need in your workplace.