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What Is an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable for a custom fit, providing optimal body support so that users maintain good posture while sitting. Back support is a key element of the ergonomic chair, used in corporate workplaces and home offices worldwide. For those interested in comfort, health, and productivity, the ergonomic office chair is essential.

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The Hallmark of an Ergonomic Chair: Maximum Adjustability

The best ergonomic desk chairs allow you to adjust nearly every part of the chair to fit your body size and help you complete your work without doing damage to your body. Ergonomic chair adjustments include:

  • Chair seat height and tilt – Adjust so that your knees are even with your hips or slightly lower, and so that you maintain good leg circulation.
  • Seat depth – Adjust to support the thighs.
  • Lumbar (low back) support – Adjust to preserve the healthy curve of the lower back while seated.
  • Armrests – Should be height adjustable and removable.
  • Headrests – Included on some ergonomic chairs, but not required for most people to achieve a comfortable work position.

Ergonomic Goals for Your Office

Workers should be able to use the computer screen and keyboard comfortably, without hunching the shoulders, craning the neck, or squinting to read the screen. From your ergonomic chair, you should be able to easily reach any work tools you might need, such as a desk phone. To achieve the best ergonomic workstation setup, you may need accessories like risers for computer monitors, keyboard trays, footrests, and more.

Healthy Office Tips

Although you may spend lots of quality work time in your ergonomic chair, that alone doesn’t make for a healthy working environment. Make sure to vary your activities throughout your workday. Consider a sit-stand desk to go with your ergo chair so that you can alternate periods of sitting with standing and walking while you work. In addition to walking around the office in the course of your work, take time for some exercise and fresh outdoor air on your breaks or at lunch. While sitting in your chair or standing nearby, take a couple of minutes per hour to stretch. For an ideal office environment, do your best to ensure that everyone has a bright and comfortable workspace, including task lighting and natural light.

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