File Cabinets

What Is a Lateral File Cabinet?

Attractive and functional, lateral filing cabinets are found lining the walls of many types of businesses, from accounting, insurance, and legal firms to medical offices, ad agencies, and more. These filing cabinets, with multiple deep drawers, are perfect for paper-intensive offices that need to store many file folders in a well-organized manner in an office that lacks vertical space. Versatile lateral files may store marketing brochures and sales collateral, product samples, promotional items (such as t-shirts and hats with the company logo), and much more.


Classic Lateral File Cabinets Go Modern

These workhorse office file cabinets are understandably popular, allowing quick, easy access to any needed file. Metal lateral file cabinets may be the most easily recognizable and the first type that comes to mind. These classic files are so useful, they’ve been around for decades, serving as an iconic symbol of “the office” in old black-and-white films. Modern versions of these metal cabinets are still in use today, where they can help prevent fire or water damage to files inside. And you’re certainly not limited to metal.

Lateral File Style: Multiple Sizes, Materials & Colors

Today’s lateral file cabinets come in a variety of colors and materials to suit your filing needs and the décor of your workplace. You’ll find lateral file cabinets in textured or flat, gray, black, and white powder-coated, galvanized steel. You can even find metal file cabinets in bright colors, like red or blue. To complement your office style, you can purchase file cabinets faced in a variety of laminate and wood veneers as well.

Lateral file drawers are typically deep and tall enough to hold letter-size and/or legal-sized hanging files. Typical widths include 32 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches.  Cabinets begin at low, two-drawer models and go up to five or six drawers, although non-standard sizes/heights are available. The cabinets also offer a number of unique features tailored to your office needs.

Lateral File Cabinet Features

File cabinet details to consider:

  • Hanging folder rails are typically present inside cabinet drawers, accepting hanging files with metal hooks on both ends. Make certain the drawers are sized to fit letter and/or legal-size files, depending upon your needs.
  • Interlock drawer systems ensure that only one drawer is open at a time, preventing tip-over or walk-by accidents.
  • Ball-bearing drawer slides ensure smooth opening and closing.
  • Adjustable leveling guides help keep drawers from swinging open accidentally and ensure cabinet stability.
  • High-quality file cabinets come with counterweights or similar anti-tip features built-in.
  • Drawer fronts with magnetic label holders enhance organization.
  • For drawer hardware, you may choose low-profile, recessed handles, or none. In tight spaces, you may favor the latter.
  • Locking file cabinets enhance document security, helping to thwart unauthorized access.
  • Fireproof filing cabinets, made of specialized materials, are comparable to a safe for your essential files and paperwork.
  • Vertical file cabinets are commonly used along with (or instead of) lateral files. Drawers are wide enough to accommodate letter or legal size files arranged from front to back in the drawer.
  • Flat file storage cabinets, with multiple wide but shallow (3 to 6 inch tall) file drawers, are used to store artwork, blueprints, or anything that you prefer to store laying flat.

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