The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Design Your Next Office Space

Our offices are changing. With change comes new designs that fit how companies are evolving in the economies in which they work – from cubicles to open design to more home like features, office design is keeping pace with how your company works.

Office design needs to be flexible to meet the challenges of the ever-changing business landscape Companies – large and small need guidelines to decide what works for their company and employees when it comes to their office re-design.

At PVI, we understand the office space – and we’ve put together our top 5 questions that we feel you need to ask so that you have a proper plan in place to make your office furniture decisions and budget work for you.

How can you create an inviting reception area?

Your reception area is the first impression your guests have of your company. It sets the tone of your brand and many companies probably don’t realize it’s more than a few guest chairs and reception desks. You want to create a space that is warm and inviting, one that is not only allows your guest to feel welcome but also gives you and your employees a chance to have private conversations as well before and after their meetings. Consider having large lounge seating – perhaps with connections to re-charge their personal phones and a large coffee table as well as a reception station that allows your guests to be greeted. Another great idea is to have a station set up with beverages in one area as well. We have several options such as Groupe Lacasse Soho collection

What should your office space say about your company and your brand?

Depending on your corporate mission, your office space needs to speak to your brand and mission. The office furniture you purchase for your office space needs to work with your business goals. Are you more creative? Perhaps consider an open workstation environment where your employees can brainstorm more freely and interact as a team. If your mission is more critical and requires your employees to have more concentration on their work – more private cubicles such OSP SIS panel systems might be the right solution for your team.

How do we create spaces for socialization in our office space?

Ultimately, any company should try to engage their teams in more socialization outside of the hit or miss engagement in hallway interactions. If this is your goal, one way to achieve this design is to create an open area community table design. This can be done by utilizing your lounge area/lunch space and taking away small tables and inserting a larger table to create “community” tables. This gives your teams the ability to have a setting that will have larger groups sitting together in open areas to have greater socialization in an open space. We recommend KFI’s Evolve tables as starting point in your design options.

Do I want to encourage more conversations and less barriers to communication?

Perhaps your current design has your employees are simply boxed into cubicles and private offices and with very little space for open communication? It may be time to consider open workstation benching such as Mayline Even Collection  to breakdown the communication barriers that are holding up the conversations that can take place when you remove the large cubicles walls. 

What type of meeting space does my company require?

While having an open office design is great – you will still probably need a space where you can hold meetings and training in private away from the noise of the open office. Conference rooms have evolved into multiple purpose areas where not only do meeting happen these rooms can be transformed into training areas and multiple uses with flexible office furniture solutions rather than just adding a traditional conference room table. Consider adding training tables such as the Abide Series from Officesource  which can offer you the ability transform your conference room area.

The Bottom-Line

Your office space should reflect your company mission and the design and implementation of office furniture considerations are paramount to ensure that your mission is achieve by ensuring you make the right decisions with these tools. Office furniture and design is another tool in your tool box to help you achieve your business goals. When it comes to making decisions on how to create or update your office space and office furniture, ensure you have a plan and work that plan for success. 

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