The Ergonomics of the Remote Employee Home Office

Many employers have embraced this trend of having remote employees . Recently, a poll found that nearly 68% of today’s college graduates would consider a job more favorably if the company that they were considering would allow for remote work.

Not only have potential candidates embraced remote work but employers have found that it is invaluable to their work force as remote employees have been shown to be more productive and effective to their bottom-line. Remote employees have proven their worth to the workforce.

The cost saving for many companies is that with remote employees, you don’t have to have workstations, desks or chairs in your physical offices for these employees, however, there is still a need to ensure that remote employees are applying the same ergonomic features their counter-parts in their corporate offices enjoy in their home office workspaces with ergonomic office chairs, desk and accessories as part of their home office design.

Ergonomic policies are becoming standard in many small and large businesses. Ergonomics is no longer just a design feature, but rather a cost-saving tool that companies see saving their firms from absenteeism and work-related injuries. Healthy, productive employees create better products and better outcomes for customers.

Ergonomic office furniture doesn’t have to break your office furniture budget. There are many ways you can incorporate ergonomic office furniture solutions into your home office without spending more than you would on traditional office furniture.

Creating an Ergonomic Home Office

Many remote employees discover that they need more than just a kitchen table to work when they are remote from their office. Not only does this office furniture need to function with their career but it needs to function with their home décor as well.

Some remote employees may find that they go to stores like IKEA to find a cheap ergonomic chair and desk and discover that these pieces aren’t really made for day in and day out work. Remote employees need commercial office furniture that holds up their work load.

At PVI, not only do we have ergonomic office furniture that is commercial grade, but we offer budget friendly solutions in ergonomic chairs, desks from used, closeout and new – providing remote employees and their companies the ability to stretch their office furniture budget.

What Does an Ergonomic Home Office Look Like?

When it comes to planning the space in your home for your ergonomic home office, you need to have a proper layout of the space completed. A proper space plan will ensure that you have room  for quality commercial grade sit to stand desk such as the Sit to Stand desk from OfficeSource or Mayline LT-Series Height Adjustable Tables   If you desire  a more active workspace, you can always implement active options from Safco – these options from Safco can help you stay fit while you work!

If having a sit to stand or height adjustable table is not an option in your home office environment, a standard desk with a monitor stand to accommodate a computer monitor with your laptop underneath might be a good solution, such as ones offer from RightAngle the Hover Helium Surface. You will want to make sure you add an external keyboard and mouse. This helps keep you from having an awkward arm posture.

You will also need to ensure you have proper storage for your important files as storage for other important necessities you will find you need in your office – a credenza maybe a good option as well. Storage is key at the home office as well.

When it comes to the ergonomic chair, there are many option to consider.

There so many options with ergonomic seating that we suggest coming into our Frederick, Md showroom and testing out the ergonomic chairs to get the right fit. From mesh back chairs, to active seating perch chairs to ball seating, there are so many ways you can now add ergonomic seating to your home office – the choices are endless it seems. The best way to find the ergonomic chair that is right for you is to sit in the chair. Shopping online won’t give you the ability to know if the chair will work for your needs at home.

Here we have some suggestions on our best picks for ergonomic chairs:

  • Zenengy Ball Chair – Safco
  • OfficeStar Pro-Line ProX996
  • OfficeSource Advanced Ergonomic Series

The Bottom-Line

The ergonomic home office is an extension of your company for remote employees. And every company needs to invest in their remote employees to ensure that they have the proper tools such as their office furnishings in their home office to ensure that their employees are productive and healthy. It makes sense for the human capital in your company that support your bottom-line.  Ergonomic programs and policies are standardizing how we do business today and it will only benefit everyone.

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