Take The Stress Out Of Your Office And Employees With Better Office Designs

Did you know that over 60% of Americans are stressed out due to their workplace? Workplace stress contributes to not only a loss in productivity to your business but affects the health of your employees. It’s estimated that businesses lose nearly $300 billion (that’s billion with a B) with stress related causes resulting from accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, lose of productivity, medical, legal and insurance costs.

What are the causes of workplace stress?

The causes of stress in the workplace can be varied – and stress is a very personal thing for each person. There some common causes for stress such as employees who feel they lack control in their job, workload overload – and not to mention performing the same tasks  over and over again. These factors are usually the most common workplace stress factors.

Now, we are not promising to fix all the stress in your office with a new desk but updating your office design can have a positive impact on the stress level you and your employees experience every day.

Office Design For Less Stress and Better Communication

What if you could create a work space that cuts down on your email between employees and employs more face to face meetings and personal interactions in your office? Rather than sending emails to someone in their cubicle 4 feet from your desk, you could see the person and have a real time conversation? How would that improve your communication and productivity in your office?

When you remove physical barriers that your employees must endure to get their work accomplished, you create a more humanizing environment.

The open space design allows for your employees to engage each other. Face to face interaction can be a direct stress reliever. We want to be social as human beings, and email, text messages can be a lost leader when it comes to communicating with your employees.  Allowing you and your employees to create real connections could be the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Office Design For Better Control

Employee stress can be reduced when you design your office space for more choice. Allowing your employees to choose where and how they can perform their job gives your employees an improved sense of control of their job. This perceived sense of control can be a huge stress reducer.

When designing your office space, consider implementing spaces such as a quiet area with lounge furniture such as big sofas or chairs that will allow your employees to work in a more relaxed space. These areas can also be a great way to allow your employees to have informal meetings for brainstorming and team building as well.

Another design element to consider would be include workstations where your employees can work in privacy to really focus need on their work without distractions as well. Some employees, who are creative and need to focus on their designs, writing, will appreciate having the ability to tuck away in a quiet area to really concentrate on their work. Creating a work space where you can give these employees the peace of quiet will make a huge impact on their productivity and stress levels.

The Bottom Line

While you may not eliminate all the stress in your office day in and day out, you can have a positive impact on you and your employees if you take the steps to design an office space that eases the tensions and gives your employees the ability to shine in their work. Office furniture can play a big role in how your employees feel – emotionally and physically – while doing their work. At PVI Office Furniture, let us help you design an office space that will help you to achieve your business goals as well as provide you with the peace of mind that you are doing your part to ensure your employees health and well being are being addressed.

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