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In recent years, the office has changed and evolved rapidly. Natural, sustainable, and acoustic designs, comfort in the workplace, and flexible and adaptable furniture were some of the last trends to emerge. Several of these office trends are here to stay as many organizations continue to discover what hybrid looks like. Collaboration, community, and well-being will continue to be emphasized this year. The following are the modern office design trends we believe you should consider as you plan any layout changes or updates for 2023.

Hon Astir 500 022

Modular Design. Although an increasing number of employees are returning to work, many businesses are now operating on a hybrid schedule. It has become increasingly necessary for workspaces that are flexible and easy to adapt because of this transient workforce. As a result, modular designs are at the top of our list of modern design trends.


You can easily change these product sets and expand or reduce them as your workforce changes. Modular objects are self-contained units, such as furniture, that can be combined or interchanged with other similar items to create a variety of shapes and designs. Office furniture that is modular can be interchanged and combined to create a layout that is suitable for your team. You can use partitions, whiteboards, and other multifunctional pieces of furniture to shape and reshape the space of your office.

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The Incorporation of a Variety of Work Zones. In today’s hybrid reality, the purpose of the office has changed. For an employee to accomplish their tasks for the day, they need the right working environment. For some individuals, in-office days are used as a time for collaboration, which may result in open workspaces. One could consider this an acoustic meeting pod for one-to-one project alignment. Other employees require private cubicles where they can concentrate on their work without being disturbed. In most cases, however, all types of spaces will be required at different times and by different teams. Modern office design trends call for creating spaces throughout your office that can accommodate the diverse needs of your employees, whether for private cubicles or team spaces.


Visually Appealing Spaces. It is not limited to adding plants to the office, although we consider this to be a noteworthy modern design trend. The addition of artwork is also a growing trend in many offices. Having a well-designed workplace is important to employees, not only in terms of its functionality, but also in terms of its aesthetic appeal.


Collaboration Spaces. It is important to note that, despite the necessity of multiple zones in the workplace, collaboration is the primary reason hybrid employees come to work. An office can be designed to encourage collaboration, and the easiest way to do so is to include multiple collaboration spaces throughout the office. Ideally, these spaces should either be flexible to accommodate groups of all sizes or be designed to accommodate different sizes of groups.


When planning your collaboration spaces, keep in mind the typical groups that will gather there. When your teams typically meet in pairs to resolve tough problems, consider offering multiple options for these meetings. Create a space with the tools and space that your group needs for large creative brainstorming sessions.

Creating A Community. Creating a sense of community might seem more like a grand idea than a design trend, but a well-designed office can accomplish this. From establishing modular workspaces for groups to work and collaborate in to including cafes or coffee bars in break rooms, even small changes can have a significant impact on how your employees interact daily.

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