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Each week, we will bring you news and information you can use on various topics such as trends in office furniture and office design.

In the spotlight this week, we are focusing on workplace design from Inc.comWorkDesign Magazine and our own President, Mark Hill of PVI Office Furniture.

 “If You Still Need Cubicles In Your Office, Here’s How To Keep Them Modern and Fresh”

Not every business operates best in an open office environment. Some industry regulations require a certain level of privacy, and some offices simply need the separation for their employees to perform at optimum levels. Today, we’re seeing a rising trend of dynamic office spaces: moveable walls, tables and couches on wheels, changeable surfaces, integrated tech that welcomes multiple devices. The advantage to a dynamic space is that it can keep things fresh. The downside? Your employees begin to long for some sense of stability and a place to call their own. Enter: the cubicle. At last year’s NeoCon, we saw a return to private work spaces and “individual work zones,” which made us ask: can cubicles be cool again?  Read More on

“Defining and Measuring the Influence of “Resimercial” Design in Today’s Workplace”

Today, the impetus behind that innovation is the blurring lines between home and work. The answer? Resimercial design; a somewhat overused term that defines the incorporation of the residential look to a commercial space. As companies look to make workspaces a more inviting place for employees to get work done, we’re seeing elements of residential and hospitality design splashed across design boards and requested by clients. We know that we want a more comfortable feel for the office environment and we have a fairly keen understanding of what that looks like. But have we really taken a step back to look at the measurements of this new movement? Is it having a positive impact on our working life? How have companies that implemented it benefited? And what does resimercial design really mean? Read More on Workplace Design Magazine.

 “How Digital Innovation is Shaping The Workplace of Tomorrow”

When was the last time you reviewed your office layout? If you’re a business owner, chances are the answer is “never.” As a business owner, I get it—you’re more concerned with your income statement than whether or not your desks are contributing to productivity.

That, however, is a mistake, whether you’re the owner of a business, the operations manager, or the HR manager. Why? Because digital innovation is transforming workplaces and changing our day-to-day lives. Every employment sector I’ve worked with has experienced productivity gains from advancements in digital communication, automation software, big data, and AI. Often, this newly accelerated pace of work and life means that each person is expected to (and often seeks to) accomplish more in less time. Read more from Mark Hill, President, PVI Office Furniture

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