News You Can Use: Office Environment Trends

The office environment is evolving with new dynamic office designs as well as employees who are changing the way their companies do business. In this week’s update, we are discussing how you can show your employees how you trust them with an office design update, how telecommuting is changing our office space and employee productivity and why Gen Zer’s are an essential part of your company going forward.

The Surprising Ways Your Office Design Shows You Trust Your Employees

Game rooms, contemplation suites and rooftop running tracks. These may sound like modern innovations – emblematic of the workplace of 2018 – but businesses have been experimenting with their workplaces for some time.

Take the U.S. Justice Department under Robert Kennedy as an example. A gym on the roof, picnic tables in the courtyard and the staff’s dogs in the office were all some of the measures that Kennedy implemented. What was the result? A huge boost in morale, according to his biographer, Larry Tye.

In fact, almost 50 years on, Tye reports that “nearly all of his surviving band of brothers say working for Bobby was the high point of their professional lives.” Kennedy not only boosted morale, but, crucially, he captured the trust and enthusiasm of his employees and was rewarded for it with their loyalty. Continue reading on Entrepreneur Magazine.

The Trend of Telecommuting and its Implications in the Workplace

The method of telecommuting is slowly but surely catching on in the global workplace. Also known as remote work, telecommuting has become a viable alternative to traditional office work.

Many factors have contributed to the growing popularity of remote jobs, ranging from economic to social conditions. Technological advances in computer and internet systems have also made it possible for employers and employees to collaborate in a remote work set-up. Continue reading on CareetMetis

Why you’ll love having Gen Zers in the workplace

“Who wants to work in Dilbertville?” he says, referring to the cubicle farm in which the 1990s-era comic-strip character Dilbert spent his time. Working from wherever — and it ought to be a nice, well-connected, ergonomically correct setting — is the new normal.

That’s not to suggest that companies aren’t going all-out to make their offices the workplace of choice. In fact, a cool “office” is a selling point. Bonomo’s customers are trendsetting tech, media and other forward-thinking firms such as Spotify, Bloomberg and Time Warner, which are tuned in to Gen Z’s values. Continue reading on NY Post

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