News You Can Use: Office Chairs

Each week, we will bring you news and information you can use on various topics such as trends in office furniture and office design.

In the spotlight this week, we are focusing on office chairs. At PVI Office Furniture, we offer chairs for every budget and every size – from executive, leather, mesh, and more!

This week, we are featuring the latest news in office chairs from  Office Star Products, our own resident office furniture blogger, Jennifer Olney as well as products from OfficeSource.

“Maximize Your Productivity with Colorful Office Chairs”

Who said that your office chair has to be basic black?  Have more fun with color!

Traditionally, office chairs have been issued in basic black to match nearly any office design. While these chairs may be functional and do their job, they often lack style and do little to inspire yourself or your staff. In the cubicle farms of the past this may have worked, but today’s modern office designs require a little something different.

Modern work spaces of the 21st century are inspired by the latest research on maximizing productivity, creativity and engagement in the office. By paying attention to color and layout, designers strive to create hubs of efficiency, where the boundaries of work and play are blurred. Where you can find work zones the best match the task at hand and better engage with coworkers. As we spend the majority of our week at work, creative organizations recognize the need to engage staff in new ways through office design. This innovation in the workplace has brought about the need for a new type of office chair, something that matches the ingenuity and bold style of today’s modern office. Read more on Office Star Products

 “Beat The Summer Heat With Mesh Office Chairs”

As the summer is upon us, we know at PVI Office Furniture, that companies are looking for ways to beat the heat and keep their employees comfortable in their office space. It’s important to the bottom line to have employees that are productive and ready to work – especially in the hot summer months.  One way to beat the heat is to add ergonomic mesh office chairs to your office environment. Mesh office chairs not only offer a great way to stay cool with their ventilated seats and backs but they can also be great ergonomic furniture solution to many other health related your employees may face as well. Read more from PVI Office Furniture

 “How to Choose The Right Chair Size”

In a world where bigger always seems to equate with better, does the same hold true when choosing your office chair? Office space planning is about more than just what can fit in your designated space, but rather what will work best for the individual user. Choosing the right sized, supportive office chair, yields a number of important benefits for employees, and business owners alike, so it’s imperative that you get it right the first time. Here are some great tips on picking the right size chair for your office, that you can’t afford to pass up. Read more from PVI Office Furniture

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