office space with desk and chair

Key Pieces of Office Furniture Every Office Needs

No matter a company’s culture or brand aesthetics, there are essential furniture pieces that every office needs. Trust PVI Office Furniture to help you choose the right office furniture for your business for the new year.

office space with desk and chair

reception area of an office with reception desk and guest seating
Are you finally ready to purchase that new chair? It can be difficult to decide which option is the right one with so many options available. If you are in the process of selecting an office chair, it is important to remember there are a variety of options depending on your needs.

24-Hour Task Chairs
Active Seating
Kneel Chairs
Drafting Stools


executive office with modern sit/stand desk
Even with ever-evolving technology in the workplace, desks remain a fundamental component of almost every office worker’s day-to-day work routine. Your desk serves as your computer’s home, as the place where you file your documents, and, ultimately, as your ‘home away from home’. Choosing the right desk for your home office or replacing the old desk in your corporate corner office can be challenging since there are so many types. The experts at PVI can explain the difference between each style and help you select the most suitable option for you.

Writing Desk

Storage Spaces

storage solutions for workplaces
Every type of clutter can benefit from storage and PVI can help you decide what to purchase to ensure you get the most effective possible solution for your space.

Filing Cabinets
Storage Cabinets
Storage Credenzas
Storage Shelving
Wardrobe Cabinets
Display Cases
Fireproof Storage
Storage Hutches


Breakroom Furniture

employee break area with tables and chairs for eating of meetings

Having space for your employees to eat and relax is essential in building interoffice relationships and creating a more relaxed and fun work culture.

Tables (cafeteria tables, regular and bar height)
Chairs (Café, folding and stackable)
Storage Cabinets for supplies
Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Conference Tables
In almost every office, a conference table serves as a place to share bright, new ideas and facilitate meetings. Some of the most creative ideas form around conference tables but purchasing this piece of furniture is no small task. When choosing a table for your conference room, take these factors into consideration.

Shape (round, square, rectangular, racetrack and boat-shaped)
Seating capacity
Styles (modern, traditional, and standing height)

With PVI Office Furniture, you’ll be able to create an environment in which effective work happens in stylish surroundings. With the help of our knowledgeable and helpful furniture experts, we can help you determine your office space layout, design your office, and select furniture for your workspace.