How To Properly Dispose Of Your Used Office Furniture

One of the top questions we receive at PVI Office Furniture is “Do you buy office furniture?” Believe it or not, it’s a complicated answer. Once a client has purchased their new office furniture from us, we will remove their old office furniture as part of our complete office furniture solution for our clients. In these cases, there are times we can restore some of these pieces at our warehouse in Frederick, Md – most of the time, however, these pieces may not be worth the restoration or they have simply lived out their span of use. In those cases, we will ensure the items are properly disposed so that there is little harm to the environment. We take great care to strip the items down and make sure they do not rot in landfills.

Aside from our new office furniture sales, we do on occasion, have customers who contact us who are relocating or updating their office who need to dispose of their old office furniture. Our process is that we are happy to review their inventory of office furniture and give them our professional opinion on their current office furniture. We mostly evaluate large quantities of office furniture – ranging from entire floors of space to entire buildings of office furniture.

Generally, our teams will work these with clients to remove their office furniture and we will again restore what we can and dispose what is not usable.

On the smaller end of the scale, the customers who contact us with smaller offices, home offices and one or two pieces of office furniture, we generally like to recommend several options.  In these cases, we know that the cost of disposal and removal for smaller items is not worth the cost of removal and disposal and may be more than the cost of the office furniture itself. In these cases, we would rather recommend to these customers that they donate or dispose of their furniture to worthy organizations and take the possible tax benefit. In our post today, we’d like to give you some of our best tips for you to dispose of your old office furniture.


Donating Your Used Furniture

If you have a home office and you are looking to dispose of your sofas, end tables, coffee tables, file cabinets, chairs or desks, we suggest looking at organizations locally in the Maryland area such as The Loading Dock in Baltimore, Md. The Loading Dock will take your office furniture items and dispose of these items properly. The Loading Dock is a building materials reuse facility, that finds people  who need inexpensive building materials and are interested in keeping materials out of the waste stream.

If you wish to donate your office or home office furniture to others who may benefit from its use, we suggest Habitat For Humanity Re-Store. There are many locations in Maryland, DC and Virginia. The items must be in good condition and be able to re-sale to those who need them.

Another great organization that will take your used furniture in small quantities is the United Way. Again, there are locations through the MD, DC, and VA region.

Non profit organizations have offices as well and many do look for donations, especially for file cabinets and desks. There are many non profits in our region who would love to get a desk or file cabinet donation. It might a good idea to check with these non-profits first to see if they will take your old office furniture first.

Lastly, consider asking your co-workers or friends if they are interested in your office furniture. Sometimes you best bet might be those around you. You never know who may need a chair or desk for a loved one or student at home. Posting your items on your social media accounts and letting folks know you have items available maybe the most cost-effective way to dispose of your office furniture.

The Bottom-Line

Does PVI Buy Office Furniture? It’s complicated but we should be your first call when it comes to discussing your options for removal and disposal of your used office furniture. For over 25 years, we have been the trusted source for used and new office furniture in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia region. If you are unsure on how to properly remove and dispose of your used office furniture, give us a call or chat with us live here on our website. We’d be happy to assist you!

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