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How to Increase Your Work-From-Home Productivity Through Furniture Rearrangement

Did you work in an office before the COVID-19 pandemic hit? If so, you may currently be working from home. How does your productivity compare, now that you’re surrounded by family members and pets throughout the day? If you’re struggling to get work done, consider how the right furniture arrangement can increase your work-from-home productivity.

Combine Living & Working Spaces

Unless you have a dedicated home office, you may need to create a work-from-home set up in the main living area. Assess a room that has a little extra space, such as your living room, bedroom, or dining room. Picture pushing the existing furniture aside to create space for a small desk and office chair. This accommodates a makeshift home office that’s more comfortable and productive than working at the kitchen counter or dining table.

Replace Accent Furniture with Office Furniture

Do you have a reading nook in your master bedroom? Perhaps you have two sofas in the living room, one of which you don’t use very often. Rather than struggling to make non-office furniture work for you, replace some of these items with a fully functional desk and ergonomic chair. Until you return to work and your home goes back to normal, it’s best to move accent furniture to the basement, garage, or storage unit.

Install Vertical Furniture

If you currently have an inefficient workspace, with items scattered over every surface, it’s time to think vertically. You may not have room for a sprawling L-shaped desk, but you can still enjoy plenty of storage from tall shelves, cabinets, and desks with hutches.

Convert a Guest Room into a Home Office

With travel restrictions and social distancing in place, you may not have houseguests for a while. Put the guest room to better use during this time by converting it into a home office. This is an especially good option if you need a quiet, secluded work area.

When designing the space for productivity, think about your storage needs. A cluttered desk may be a sign of a creative mind, but it also makes it harder to get things done. Also, ensure maximum comfort with ergonomic office furniture that doesn’t strain your neck or back. Finally, incorporate peaceful, non-distracting office designs that help you focus on your work.

Turn a Walk-in Closet into a Workspace

Don’t have an entire room to convert into a home office? How about a walk-in closet? If you need a quiet workspace separate from your family, it could be better than setting up in the living room. Once you clear out the clutter, the closet may be comparable in size to your cubicle at work. Add ergonomic office furniture and consider any logistics that may need to be addressed, such as adding power strips and lighting to make the space as comfortable and productive as possible.

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