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Setting up your home office doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but investing in quality pieces that will withstand daily use is key.

The Perfect Desk for the Home Office:  A desk or sit-to-stand desk is a must and finding the correct size is crucial to productivity and efficiency.   Your desk should ideally allow you to type on a keyboard with your arms and hands parallel to the floor, feet flat and your legs should fit comfortably under your desk when sitting.

Seating:  Finding the right office chair can mean the difference between dreading your office and loving it.  When you sit down, your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees at a 90° angle, the ideal lower body position for sitting down at a desk.  A healthy posture–when the spine is properly aligned–promotes greater overall comfort and improved concentration.  When looking for a chair you should look at lumbar support, seat depth, chair height, arm rests, recline-ability and material.

Lighting for the Home Office:  Natural light can help brighten the space and your mood.  A small desk lamp to illuminate your work and overhead lights that brighten the room help during the darker hours of the day.

Home Office Organization:  A small filing cabinet or file box is essential for keeping your home office organized. A clean workspace is a productive workspace!

Plants:  Believe it or not, but a plant or two in your office could improve your productivity and happiness.

Monitor Placement:  Poor monitor placement could mean eye strain, shoulder issues and improper posture.  Keep your monitor or laptop screen between 20 and 40 inches in front of you.  Investing in a monitor riser or monitor arm is also a great investment.


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