Guest Post: The Home-ifification of the Office By OfficeStar Products

Today on the PVI Blog, we are sharing a post today from our friends at OfficeStar Products their post on the design trend of bringing home design to the workplace. As a reminder, throughout September, you can help victims of Hurricane Harvey by purchasing OfficeStar Products at PVI and portion of the proceeds will be donated to help those who are in need.

The home-ificiation of the office, or resimercial design, is quickly becoming the norm in offices around the world. Over the last few years this trend has gained momentum with workplaces incorporating thoughtful design, aimed at inspiring creativity and improving employee satisfaction. Casual collaboration areas, improved break room facilities that could pass as home kitchens or cafe lounges, and welcoming receptions are just some of the ways offices are incorporating resimercial elements into their design.

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This post has been reposted with permission from OfficeStar Products