Hon Accelerate Ignition Flock wood pattern cubicles

Get the Most from Your Cubicle

While your cubicle is your personal space, personalizing your area can help you feel more comfortable as you complete your tasks.

Hon Accelerate Ignition Flock wood pattern cubicles

Maintaining a healthy work environment while also adding excitement and life to your cubicle is a delicate balance. While your cubicle is your personal space, personalizing your area can help you feel more comfortable as you complete your tasks.

Lamps and Lighting
Lighting that is harsh, such as fluorescent or overhead lights, can be difficult on the eyes and may impair the comfort of the environment. You can create a cozy and welcoming environment by adding an adjustable LED lamp to your desk, creating a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Fresh Flowers or Plants
It can be beneficial to add plants or flowers to your cubicle to reduce stress and create a happier and healthier work environment. Snake plants, ZZ plants, Peace Lilies, and other plants that can thrive in low light and limited air make excellent desk companions. Plants also help to improve air quality and reduce noise and distractions. Finally, they can provide a sense of calm and connection to nature in a stressful work environment.

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Pictures or Quotes
Whether it is a picture of your favorite city or a photograph of your pets, adding images that inspire you throughout the day can help you stay motivated and can provide a visual escape during times of need. The use of quotes can serve a similar function in providing encouragement and inspiration. Quotes are a great way to remind ourselves of the goals we have set and motivations to keep going. They can also serve to remind us of the things we value and the people we care about. A few words of inspiration can go a long way in keeping us motivated and pushing us towards our goals.

Desk Accessories That Suit Your Style
Although a cubicle’s primary purpose is to be a workspace, the accessories on your desk can still express your personal style. Create a functional and organized workspace in your cubicle without sacrificing style with pencil holders and desk trays that also serve as décor.

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Achieving a Balance Between Function and Décor
The process of styling your cubicle can be a lot of fun, but it can be easy to get carried away. Make sure that you have a designated spot in your office for decorative and personal items, such as a shelf or a corner of your cubicle, so that they are not distracting you throughout the day. Additionally, make sure your decorations are tasteful and appropriate for the office environment. The last thing you want is decorations to distract your colleagues or supervisors.

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Cubicles may not always have a favorable reputation to employees, but if you create separation so each employee has their own space, you will be more productive and satisfied with your work. PVI offers cubicle systems that can be customized based on your privacy and collaboration requirements. Our cubicles are designed to provide an ergonomic, comfortable, and productive workplace. We also offer installation services so you can have your cubicles set up quickly and easily. Visit or call PVI today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect space for your needs!