standing desk in l-shape format

Finding the Perfect Desk

In the office, your desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture. It anchors your office and supports all the tasks you perform. From serving as a place where you can put your computer and other gadgets to being a docking station for your laptop and other mobile devices, to storing documents and other necessary items. In addition to being the largest piece of furniture in most workspaces, the desk also occupies the largest area. This makes choosing the right design even more crucial. That is why you want the perfect desk.

l shaped desk with standing desk portion

So, How do your find the perfect desk?

How do you decide on a desk that suits your workspace, especially when there is so much riding on the right decision? You can simplify the process of choosing a desk by learning about the most usual types of desks. Determining what you need from your space. Then working with furniture specialists.

Desks can be classified into four main types to complement your workspace or home office. Find out more about the different types of desks and how they can be beneficial to you.

Traditional Desk

traditional desk
Traditional rectangular desks come with a flat, sturdy surface that can be customized as needed and are available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into any setting. There are simple desks, such as classic desks with a single pedestal file, that are perfect desks for small offices because they take up very little space. An executive or large office can benefit from the use of a bowfront desk, featuring a desktop size of 41″ x 71″.

Corner Desk

Also known as a L-shaped desk, a corner desk fits snugly against the walls of an office and can also be positioned against other furniture in the office, such as shelves or filing cabinets, creating a modular workstation for the office. There is always an added amount of storage space provided by workstations in the shape of an L, including pedestals, drawers, or shelves. A variety of styles are available, from sleek and ultra-modern l-shaped desks that can be customized with a hutch to classic executive corner desks that can be customized with a hutch as well.

U-Shaped Desk

U Shape desk

In addition to providing maximum desk space, a u-shaped desk also provides plenty of space underneath for storage such as storage cabinets and pedestals. People who require a large amount of space for their work, such as creatives and executives, are likely to choose U-shaped desks as they offer the highest level of flexibility. In addition, these desks are usually available as a set, making them a good choice for executive offices.

Standing Desks

adjustable standing desks
It has become more popular in recent years for desks that have a height adjustable feature, also referred to as sit-stand desks and adjustable desks, these workstations allow you to adjust the height of the workstation throughout the course of the day according to your needs. As you work, you will be able to stand or sit as you please, allowing for the maximum level of ergonomic comfort to be experienced. By simply pushing a button, you can adjust the height of your desk with an electric height-adjustable desk.

It is imperative that before ordering a desk you ensure that it is the right size for the space you have available. When you’re setting up a new desk for your workplace or home office, you don’t want to have to go through the hassle and expense of moving it only to discover that it doesn’t fit. Using these steps, you will be able to ensure that you have the right size desk for your needs.

hybrid, shared desks

First and foremost, you need to decide where your desk will go, and if you’re replacing a desk, you already have, this is probably an easy decision to make. If you are moving into a new space, or if you are rearranging your office, make sure that you consider the best placement for your desk. As a precaution, you will want to ensure that your door has sufficient clearance, filing cabinets are easily accessible, and that any electrical outlets will be able to be used.

standing desk in l-shape format

The first thing that you must do is use a tape measure to measure the area where you would like to place the desk; be as accurate as possible with your measurements; a desk that is even one inch too long isn’t going to fit properly in the space that you have determined. When you are selecting your desk, you should consider height as well as width and depth, especially if you are planning to place a filing cabinet alongside it or add other additions.

With PVI’s expert furniture consultants, you can select the perfect furniture for your office space to create the perfect environment for your employees. In addition to our office space planning services, we will also be able to assist you in designing a layout which is optimal for the workspace or office you desire. We can provide you with a free consultation no matter if you are planning to have a new home office built or if you are outfitting an entire building.

perfect desks

A well thought out planning process and careful preparation when choosing a desk for your work area can ensure that the space is comfortable and inviting. Our furniture experts would be more than happy to assist you in designing the ideal office and purchasing the right desk for the space you have available. Give us a call today to find out how we can help!