small conference room furniture concept

Conference Experience for the Modern Era

small conference room furniture concept

As the hybrid workspace shifts priorities and propels us towards more relaxed workplaces, creating a modern conference experience is essential. Spaces for conference rooms have evolved to provide both open communal areas and private areas. In addition to accommodating impromptu gatherings, they should have private spaces for training and larger meetings, areas to discuss confidential topics, and informal gathering spaces where people can interact.

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There is a great deal of flexibility in the future of work. Meeting rooms have taken on a new life in any size office as casual hubs for collaboration and meetings. The creation of vibrant hubs for collaboration presents a great opportunity to make a design statement. For 2022 and beyond, here are five trending modern conference experiences:

modern conference room

A Blend of Modern and Traditional. An ergonomic conference room chair placed around a sleek long table creates a feeling of tradition. As meeting participants gather around the table, these meeting spaces should be equipped to accommodate large teams and provide equal access to all participants. The use of LED walls allows these environments to be included off-site. In the modern conference room, adaptability is incorporated in order to facilitate collaboration, training, and flexible working. We encourage the use of locations with open views and demountable glass walls.

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Casual With a Relaxed Attitude. It is important to note that in a hybrid work environment, open conference rooms that are relaxed encourage collaboration on the fly without hindering creativity or the flow of ideas. A banquette seating arrangement without a table is sometimes used in this type of idea sharing environment. Adding lots of color to these areas will help to distinguish them from workstations.

mixed format conference room space

Collaborative Studio. Meetings of departmental teams often take place outside of traditional conference rooms. In order to accommodate the flexible work ethic of today, destinations must provide an environment that promotes active engagement in the moment and equal opportunity for all employees. It is common for studio spaces to be glassed in and to feature a standing height table and wall space for the sharing of information and idea generation.

Café Vibes. In addition to providing a space for employees to connect and refresh, cafes have become popular spots for casual face-to-face meetings. In comparison to traditional, private conference rooms, cafes within office environments provide a more friendly, welcoming atmosphere. By making client meetings and team collaborations more casual, a more relaxed brainstorming atmosphere can often be created.

Hubs for Idea Generation. Team members must be able to move freely and exchange ideas when they are collaborating and creating together. An unencumbered space is essential for this type of activity. These spaces can be enhanced by the addition of white boards or chalkboards. Trendy seating adorned with bold colors provides a comfortable space for co-creation, refinement, and sharing of ideas. Various hub settings enable one-to-one or small group collaborations to take place fluidly.

We have a wide range of knowledge to help you adapt effectively to the needs of your modern conference experience options and workplace culture building as we move forward with distancing and flexible work options. We offer conference tables and chairs in all popular styles.  Our team at PVI can help you make the most of your meeting space!