5 Tips To Get Your Office Ready For Spring!

At PVI Office Furniture, the weather outside might be frightful but we’re thinking SPRING. Spring is best time of year to get your office organized for the coming months of sun and fun that you will sure to enjoy!

Did you know? Most employees and companies are more productive after a good cleaning and organization of their workspace? It’s true! Taking out the old and bringing the new creates a healthier environment.

Here are our five tips to get your office workspace organized and clean:

  • De-Clutter: First things first, you want to de-clutter your desk Still hanging on to that coffee cup from December? It might be time to get rid of it. Do you have one desk drawer where it seems you put everything you want to forget? Pens, post-its – it’s time to let go! Get out the trash can and start pitching these items.
  • Virtual Cleaning: Now is the time to get your desktop or laptop files cleaned up as well. Delete what you don’t need and keep what you need to keep! Clean out your email box and start at zero if you can!
  • Cleaning: Now that you have de-cluttered your drawers and desk surface, now you can really clean those areas. Using a disinfecting cleaning solution and a soft cloth – microfiber is the best –  scrub down your desks, chairs, tables and bookshelves. Don’t forget to clean your electronic equipment as well – clean your keyboard, computer screens, phone and mouse too. You want to really spend time getting rid of the winter germs!
  • Organize: Now that you have cleaned your workspace – it’s time to get organized! Open your file cabinets and sort out the papers you don’t need and file what you need to keep. If you can, use a shredder for important documents that you wouldn’t want someone else to read.
  • Take an Inventory of Office Furniture: This is a good time of the year to review all of your office furniture – do you still have those broken chairs in the closet? How about that one conference table that leans when you use it? Take an inventory of what is in good shape and what needs to be removed from your office space.
  • The Bottom Line

    Doesn’t it feel good to get a fresh start at the beginning of the season? If you follow our 5 steps, you will have a renewed sense of energy and reduce the stress in your work space to tackle the projects coming up this spring. Don’t just wait for spring, consider making it a habit to do this at the end of each season so that you will always have a fresh start.

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