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To Update Or Not Update Your Office Furniture: What Does It Mean To Your Bottom-Line?

Every company – from startups to Fortune 500’s, every CEO and CFO must come to the decision in their budget if office furniture is a “need to have” or “nice to have” for their employees.

When the budgets are balanced, typically the office furnishing budget is one of the areas where companies feel they can subtract from to invest in other areas to make their stockholders happy, but we know that if your employees are uncomfortable or working in spaces that are not productive to their work – the real effect is that your investments and bottom-line will take the hit in the end.


You never really think that your office furniture matters to your bottom-line. From your reception area furniture to your workstations, your office furniture makes a big impression on your clients and employees. If your office furniture is still stuck in the 80’s or 90’s – it might be time for an upgrade.  Having outdated office furniture can send the signal that you aren’t advancing with the times. Impressions are made in seconds.

Your office environment is a magnet to attract top talent.  Many surveys have shown that among younger generations such as millennials and Generation X, nearly 80% or more consider the office environment as part their decision accept positions or stay at their current employers.  The capital investment in office furniture has far reaching impacts beyond just aesthetics.


The Impact of Office Furniture On Employees Health and Productivity.

There are also numerous studies that have discuss how employees are being affect by their office furniture environments – from sitting all day to being cooped up in enclosed offices.  Some estimates have the productivity and absenteeism costs in the billions of dollars! That’s a huge impact to any company’s bottom-line. No longer can this “healthy” office trend be considered a “trend”. Companies need to address the health and well-being of their employees and there are ways office furniture can be a huge impact.

From ergonomic furniture – such as chairs, sit-to stand workstations and desks that help employees stand up and move around, these pieces are critical to keeping employees productive and healthy.

Another way to prevent the spread of germs is look at your office space design – are keeping everyone closed to together? Open floor plans are a great way to spread out your teams and help prevent the spread of germs, also consider new cubicles that give more privacy as well as still keeping the collaboration vibe intact.

When you invest in your employees – they will invest in your company – that loyal can be priceless.


Buying Used or New Office Furniture?

At PVI, we know that it is a huge undertaking to purchase new office furniture. Even just upgrading a few chairs can be big budget expense for many companies. That’s why we say we have office furniture for every budget. We do sell new office furniture, which can be a big investment. However, not everyone needs new office furniture. Sometimes you need to upgrade a few key pieces in your office. That’s why at PVI we also carry used office furniture – such as desks, ergonomic chairs, workstations, conference room tables, file cabinets and more in our showroom in Frederick, MD. Our Used furniture is not what you find on Craigslist. And if you decide that new furniture is within your budget, we can also help you find those office furniture solutions as well.

The Bottom-Line

Office furniture can be a huge win-win for your company’s budget. The investment you make today to update and upgrade your office furniture can pay off down the road with the retention of your employees and the productivity of your teams. Office furniture can transform your office space not just be an expense that you dread to make.

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