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Trends: Future-Proof Your Office Furniture Purchase With Modular Office Furniture

Growing your business today means having to address a variety of employees’ needs that you may have not have considered in the past. A bigger reception area, a more comfortable break room and office furniture to accommodate different physical abilities of your staff.


As your company grows, so do your office furniture options (and so does your budget). There are several options to consider—do you provide standing desks or regular office desks? Do you need multiple conference rooms? Cubicles or private offices? The choices aren’t always easy. And your office furniture budget may have to be stretched to make it work.

One way to make your office furniture work with your employees and budget is to consider modular office furniture. Modular office furniture works with your internal growth. Modular office furniture systems allow you adapt it to your ever-changing workplace with desks, filing systems and more to give your office the flexibility it needs to be productive.

Here are our tips on what you need to consider when selecting modular office furniture for your office space:

Look for Flexibility in Design

When selecting a modular workstation system, look for a system that can be configured and re-configured into numerous layouts.  A flexible workstation can accommodate a multitude of activity-based working situations while maintaining a seamless aesthetic throughout your office space.

When choosing your modular workstations, don’t forget individual needs. Keep in mind you will also need ergonomic accessories, such as monitor arms and keyboard trays that will adapt to various body types within your staff for maximum comfort and productivity.

Use a Customized Design to Fit Your Growth

When designing with modular workstations, you can cluster your departments and staff strategically.  The modular workstation design gives you the ability to promote cross-departmental project groups – such as marketing and sales in one cluster for example. Additionally, with modular workstations you can plan your company growth by adding more clusters in the future for expansion of departments such as R&D and other essential needs as your company grows.

As you design your office, make sure that you know the electrical system of your floor plan. This will allow you to integrate electrical system and have ample technology integration capabilities. Be sure to identify within your office where your floor and wall electrical junction boxes will need to be installed to line up with your overall master furniture plan as you grow. The same plan should apply to network drop locations as well.

Adapting to Privacy and Security Needs

As you layout your modular workstations, you will need to anticipate the privacy needs for staff who handle sensitive information and make sure your workstations can accommodate security issues. You also need to have the ability to add or remove privacy screens.

For some companies with only a few coveted private offices, growth means making a full transition to modular workstations. For others, it is simply requires the ability to reconfigure space easily and quickly by implementing a new modular layout. Ensure your company maintains a flexible, modern environment with these five modular furniture layouts.

The Bottom Line

At PVI Office Furniture, we can assist with you future proofing your office furniture purchase by recommending modular workstations from our various brands such as Three H Furniture Systems, OfficeStar Products and more that will work with your budget and your current office space needs. Our team of Office Furniture Consultants can give you a free Office Space Plan that will show you how these modular workstations can work in your space and with your staff. Contact us today or visit our Frederick, Md showroom to learn more.

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