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Trade Show and Convention Furniture Rental in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia

Are you planning a trade show or convention in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia? You have a lot on your plate! Because most conference centers aren’t furnished, you probably need to supply everything from the lighting and sound systems to the furniture. On top of organizing everything, you also need to juggle the design, budget, procurement, delivery, assembly, and disassembly of all of the furniture.

Let us help ease your burden. At PVI, we have a great selection of rental furniture that’s perfect for trade shows and conventions! If you’d like to talk through your options or receive a quote, contact us now.

Rental Furniture for Conventions and Trade Shows

If you’ve attended or hosted a trade show or convention in the past, you know that many different pieces of furniture are needed to accommodate everyone from the staff to the attendees, and that furniture has to serve a variety of functions. You may need a reception area where guests can check in, workstations where groups can collaborate, or more traditional trade show and convention furniture staples. We have all of those things, including:


We have office chairs, conference room chairs, ergonomic chairs, and more to accommodate your seating needs. When you host a trade show or convention, you will need seating for your staff who man your registration tables, information desks, and trade show booths. Guests will also spend much of their days sitting and listening to presentations, so making sure you have an adequate number of well-functioning chairs is of the utmost importance!


Tables are an important element of trade show and convention rental furniture, because they are used almost as often, if not even more than, chairs. They provide functional surfaces for staff and attendees to fill out registration forms, sign paperwork, write notes, complete worksheets, and also to congregate and discuss ideas. It is a great idea to have larger conference room style tables scattered throughout your convention of trade show for spontaneous and organic gatherings.

Bookcases and File Cabinets

While storage is not the first thing you might think of when you try to assess your trade show and convention rental furniture needs, it is a vital element nonetheless. Bookcases and file cabinets are necessary if you want to important information generated and collected at the events to stay organized and secure.

Rental Furniture Delivery and Assembly for Trade Shows and Conventions

Once you have picked out all of your rental furniture, you need to figure out how you are going to transport it to your venue and who will assemble all of it. At PVI, we can not only supply you with your trade show and convention assembly, but we can also take care of its delivery and assembly, as well. If your event is taking place in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, contact us! We are here to help make organizing and running trade shows and conventions less stressful.

Rental Furniture Disassembly for Conventions and Trade Shows

Even after a trade show or convention has ended, the work associated with it is not complete. Now you need to worry about cleaning up and returning the furniture you rented. However, this is not a fun task when you’ve just spent all of your energy making sure the event went on without a hitch. Fortunately, when you get your rental furniture from PVI, we can take care of disassembling and returning the furniture for you!

Get a Quote for Your Trade Show or Convention Rental Furniture from PVI

If you are organizing a convention or trade show in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia, get in touch with PVI for all your rental furniture needs! We can provide you a wide selection and take care of everything from supplying your trade show or convention furniture, delivering it, assembling it, disassembling it, and returning it to our warehouse. Contact us now for a quote!

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