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SiS Ergo Products

These days, ergonomic designs are revolutionizing the office space world. Chair and desk designs are transforming to consider health benefits, psychological effects, and productivity. Many furniture companies are starting to believe that the best work starts by sitting in the best chair. SiS Ergo is one of these companies, and their innovative furniture designs have been some of the leading ergonomic solutions in the workplace for over 50 years.

SiS Ergo provides multiple different types of products, such as sit-to-stand desks and height-adjustable workstations. They’re a highly environmentally conscious company that uses 100% powder coated wood, no batteries, and only a 600W maximum power consumption while driving their products to locations. PVI is proud to offer a large variety of SiS Ergo products, for all of your ergonomic furniture needs!

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Types of Adjustable Height Products Sold by SiS Ergo

There is a large variety of products designed by SiS Ergo to meet your office space’s needs. Here are just a few of their pieces:

  • M-Series Nesting: These manually operated desks can change height rapidly at the touch of your hand. They have a flower petal shape, which allows them to easily configure into a larger, complete desk when pushed together, and also provide enough space as a single-user desk as well.
  • Ellehaven tables: The Ellehaven is SiS Ergo’s first 4-leg table, with the ability to be powered with power cables or a battery for all of your charging needs.
  • S-Collection tables: These height-adjustable tables offer crossbar options that allow for ultimate adjustments and flexibility. They can be used as new desks, or to retrofit any existing workspace.
  • M-Series: These desks join together Danish minimalistic design and spring adjustment technology. They can raise to various heights, allowing for a monitor or whiteboard to be placed above other desks.

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Benefits of an Adjustable Height Standing Desk

If you’re in the market for a standing desk, you already know there are many benefits. But let’s cover some of them:

  1. Standing regularly lowers your risk of weight gain.
  2. Standing can positively impact blood sugar levels.
  3. Standing can reduce the risk of heart disease.
  4. Standing may help improve mood and energy levels.
  5. Standing can boost your productivity levels.

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