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Saving Your Budget With Commercial Office Furniture At PVI

We are living in an Amazon world. From toilet paper to office chairs – you can buy it all online it seems these days but does it really save you money if you buy it online and can’t have it delivered and installed properly? Is it a great savings to your budget if you buy your office desks, chairs and file cabinets and you buy lower quality office furniture to save a few bucks only to have to replace it faster?

It may sound self-serving, but at PVI Office Furniture for over 25 years we know that buying commercial grade office furniture for your office saves your company’s office furniture budget in the long run. From start-ups to established firms, when the time comes to purchase your office furniture rather than take the easy way out and buy your office furniture online to save a few dollars, it’s better to invest in quality new or gently used commercial office furniture that can be delivered on time and installed by professionals properly.

Advantages of Commercial Office Furniture For Your Company

As a commercial office furniture solution provider, we know that when you invest in office furniture, that investment is one that is carefully made with not only your budget in mind but the long-term business goals of your company as well. Office furniture is not something you buy every day like copy paper and pens but when you need it, you need to think of the long-term effects of the office furniture pieces you are adding to your office.

When buying commercial office furniture, we suggest you consider the following:

Quality of Office Furniture: With commercial office furniture, you are buying a product that is made for use in offices not just for the home. Commercial office furniture is made to take the wear and tear of use over years not just months. Chairs, desks and work stations that are considered commercial office furniture quality are made from materials that are different than what you might find in a home furniture store.

Design For Flexibility: Commercial office furniture such as mobile walls, work stations, cubicles, lounge seating and even mobile tables and desks are now design with the idea that these pieces grow with your company as you expand. No longer are you stuck with a “L” desk that you have find a home for once an employee moves on or you decide to upgrade your office space. Commercial office furniture is evolving with new business models and unlike home office furniture designs, commercial office furniture offers you more flexibility. This flexibility saves your budget as well.

Personalized Service: One of the big differences with buying office furniture online – is that when you purchase your commercial office furniture from a local office furniture solution provider, you establish a relationship with that provider. Your local office furniture solution provider can meet with you face to face and get to know your business goals for your office space design. This can help save you money on your current office furniture needs and down the road as you expand.

An office furniture solution provider, like PVI Office Furniture, can work with you on delivery and installation as well as repairs and disposal of your old office furniture. Establishing a business relationship with an office furniture solution provider can be a huge difference with your company rather than just a faceless online company.

Another advantage of working with an office furniture solution provider is one who has a physical showroom where you can touch and feel the commercial office furniture. There is something to be said about sitting in a chair vs. just seeing a picture online.

Most office furniture solution represent major commercial office furniture brands and even have budget friendly options such as closeout or gently used office furniture pieces for you to review as well. These pieces could compliment pieces you already have in your office – saving you even more money.

One of the biggest problems with buying office furniture online – is that you can order it and it comes in to your office and it’s not the same as the picture you see online. The hassle of returns is quite costly not just in shipping but in downtime as well for your company.

There is still something to be said about touching and feeling, sitting and seeing the office furniture before it arrives in your office. Office furniture is a major investment for your company, and you want to be sure it’s the right furniture for you and your employees. That’s why at PVI Office Furniture, we have a showroom where you can see your furniture before you buy it!

The Bottom-line

The world of commercial office furniture is evolving and how we purchase our commercial office furniture is changing as well, but what doesn’t change is that office furniture will always be a necessary budget item for every company. It’s important that you buy the best quality commercial office furniture for your budget and ensure that you get what you pay for in terms of services and products for your company’s needs.

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At PVI Office Furniture, we can help you transform your office space into functional office space that works with practical office designs to meet your budget needs. Let our Office Furniture Consultants show you how we deliver on fast, excellent, affordable office furniture designs for every budget. Contact our staff today or visit our Frederick, MD showroom to see our selection of new and pre-owned office furniture. We are a full-service office furniture solution for every size business in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia region. You can also keep up to date with PVI on our social media platforms for the latest updates on our new and used office furniture arrivals to our Frederick, MD showroom, news about PVI, our latest videos and more: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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