090830 X-Chair X2 K-Sport Chair, Headrest, Extended Width


* Chair Only/Extended Width Chair & Headrest is sold separately at an additional cost.


Our Most Breathable Chair to Keep You Both Cool and Comfortable

The sleek X2 K-Sport Management chair elevates any office space with its clean, modern lines, adjustable ergonomic features, and breathable K-Sport Performance fabric to keep you cool and comfortable all day. The X2 is equipped with Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) ™ support that adjusts intuitively to your needs, and SciFloat Infinite Recline technology to facilitate healthy, all-day movement.


Dynamic Variable Lumbar
X-Chair’s DVL Support adjusts itself to your body every time you move. You’ll stay comfortable all day without ever making an adjustment to your chair.
SciFloat Infinite Recline
Our floating recline technology helps your body stay in motion throughout the day. This improves circulation, concentration, and energy levels so you can be more productive.
4-Dimensional Armrests
No one keeps their arms in the same position all day. X-Chair is ready to move with you. Easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.
Adjustable Backrest Height
Adjust X-Chair’s backrest height so that you’re fully supported, from your lumbar curve to your neck. This ensures you get maximum support where you need it most.
K-Sport Advanced Performance Material
Enjoy all the benefits of Flex Mesh Technology with a softer, more adaptive feel. X2’s K-Sport Advanced Performance Material features a tighter weave for even more comfort.
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