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Reception desks, seating, tables and other office furniture for your reception area and lobbies. PVI offers new and used office furniture and delivers within the greater Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area.


The reception area is the first thing visitors see, and the last area they pass through on their way out. Having a cheerful and bright reception area is one way to welcome people into the workplace. How can a reception area be made to feel welcoming? What elements and furniture should be included in your reception area? What furniture should you have in your reception area?

The reception area in many offices is commonly referred to as the waiting room. In your reception furniture, you must provide more than just a desk and a few chairs.

Desks: Almost every reception area has a desk where visitors can check in or get their questions answered. There may be a perfect reception desk that is specific to the type of industry you are in, but all reception desks should be neat. Make sure there is a clear path between the entrance and the desk. In many cases, guests will be signing or filling out forms at the reception desk. Consider lighting in front of the desk, rather than just behind it.

Accent Chairs: Provide comfortable yet stylish seating for guest to wait in. The right chairs can also enhance the overall style of your reception area. A reception desk with bold colors might benefit from chairs in neutral colors such as white, tan, or gray. You can brighten up your reception area with a colorful chair if your reception area is more neutral in color.

Depending on the number of guests expected at any given time, the number of chairs required varies. Including a minimum of two chairs is a smart idea even if you rarely have guests waiting. You can make your reception area more welcoming by adding chairs, even if they are primarily for decoration.

Tables: Many companies operate on some type of hybrid schedule to maximize their productivity. Guests coming into your office might not reach for that magazine while they wait, instead they may reach for their laptop to check email. Offering laptop stands in the reception area can make the area more functional for visitors. Consider including end tables or coffee tables. Some lounge furniture and seating options that have built-in tables.

Lounge Seating: If you have clients waiting frequently, lounge seating can be a worthwhile addition. Lounge-style seating is a convenient way to fill an open area, as well as provide your visitors with a comfortable place to sit during their visit. Sofas and couches in the reception area can incorporate company colors. A consistent look and feel throughout your reception area can make a significant impact on your guests. The impression that you make extends not only to your clients and guests, but also to your existing and prospective employees.

Start by planning the function of your reception area and ensure that all the elements that are necessary to accommodate your guests are included. Ensure your reception area is accessible to all potential visitors and remove any barriers to smooth entry. As soon as you have covered these bases, you can begin to create a homelike atmosphere by incorporating the right pieces of furniture into the reception area.