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A Prescription For A Modern Waiting Room For Your Healthcare Facility

When patients come to your healthcare facility you want them to feel welcomed into your waiting room. Gone are the days of uncomfortable chairs and old magazines. A well-designed doctor’s office should be clean and safe first and foremost, but your waiting room area should be aesthetically pleasing to the mental well-being of your patients as well. Your healthcare facility waiting room should be the first place your patients feel comfortable knowing they are in good hands.

In our blog post today, we will give you our prescription for a well-designed waiting room for your healthcare facility based on our previous work with medical professionals and their offices.

Step 1: Create A Traffic Flow That Works For Your Practice and Patients

When you first plan for your healthcare office. You must first look at how your patients enter your facility. Not only should you create a path into your lobby that is safe, but you should also not be too overwhelming. When patients and caregivers arrive, take the stress level down a few notches by ensuring you have a large, open pathway to your reception desk. The lobby area should feel open and easy to navigate as well. Chairs and tables should to be spaced apart so that space doesn’t feel confined. The path to your examination rooms should also be clutter free as well.

One way to receive this traffic flow is with HPFI Modular Series. This series allows you to expand and reconfigure your lobby area as the seats and backs are replaceable to allow you the flexibility to configure this furniture based on the needs of your patients and practice.

You can also add coffee and end tables with this series from HPFI to ensure your traffic pattern is open as well. The bases for the seating can match your tables to give it an even design.

For your reception desk. The reception desk should be spacious and allow your patients to access your receptionist with ease. The area should be large enough for patients and caregivers to speak with your staff quickly and easily as well for your staff to access their files without clutter. Consider adding the Officesource Borders II series pictured here that will give you space an open feel as well add more storage space as well.


Step 2:  Choose Flexible and Comfortable Seating

For many healthcare professionals, the first thought is that when selecting seating for your lobby area is that your seating is durable and easy to clean so that you can ensure the health and well-being of your patients. Secondly, you should also consider the comfort factor your patients and caregivers who will be spending time in these chairs. You will want to choose seating that is well padded and add options that include chairs with arms and some without arms to give your patients options on how they wish to sit in your space. Choose guest chairs that are well-padded, and incorporate a few different types of seating into your space.

One way to achieve a clutter free lobby area is to use mobile reception seating such as Santa Cruz chairs from Mayline that combine stylish comfortable chairs wheeled chairs with mobile tables attached so that your patients can complete their forms or even work on their iPads right from the same seat. This can also eliminate the need for additional tables in your lobby as well.

Another option is OfficeStar lounge seating which allows you to add leather chairs, love seats and sofas to your lobby. Choosing this type of seating allows for patients who may want to sit together in your waiting area – such as parents with small children.

Lastly from Groupe Lacasse, the Sencha Collection offers seating options for your lobby area that can be customized to your patients’ needs as well.

Step 3: Create An Calming Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your waiting room should set the tone for your practice. Most healthcare professionals want their patients to feel comforted when entering their facilities and the options you chose for lighting, color and accessories help to set the atmosphere for your patients.

Choose colors for your furniture and wall coverings that are neutral and soft. You want to perhaps create a living room feel to your waiting room rather than a sterile environment. Soft shades that are found in natural such as green, brown or even blues are a great choice to mix into your pallet. For your laminate or wood furniture – consider cherry or mahogany colors to accent the colors of your lobby as well.

For accent pieces, add in plants – or even teak wood accent pieces that give a natural feel to your waiting area. Natural elements can add a soothing element to your waiting area and put your patients at ease.

When considering your lighting options. Soft, bright LED lights can create a calming environment as well. If you don’t have windows to draw in natural light, LED lights can help to bring in a natural light. SAFCO products VIVO lighting options can be a great to place on end tables. These are a great option to add to your waiting area and avoid adding fluorescent accent lighting which is very harsh on the eyes.

The Bottom-Line

Your healthcare facility lobby area is the first step to wellness for your patients. It should set the tone for your patients to know they are in good hands. With the proper planning, you can create a setting that will allow your patients to be comfortable from the first moment they arrive to your door. From seating to accessories, the modern medical office has transformed with new technologies. At PVI, let our team of office specialists diagnosis your waiting room and give you a prescription for a better waiting room today!


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