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Out With The Old. In With The New! How To Dispose Of Your Used Office Furniture

There comes a time in most every company where there is a need to dispose of old office furniture. When this occurs, companies find themselves looking for ways to dispose of their old office furniture such as chairs, desks, cubicles, workstations and other equipment. So, it begs the questions – how do you properly dispose of your old office furniture?


Why Not Just Throw It All Away?

Most companies are at a lost on how to properly dispose of their old office furniture. Some companies just throw their hands up and toss their old office furniture in landfills. By doing that, these companies lose out on what value was left and shows no concern for unnecessary waste. The old ‘cheap and dirty’ approach is more dirty than cheap. Even giving office furniture away for free, believe it or not, comes with its own headaches and expenses that few are willing to take on internally.

With companies now more committed to sustainability than ever, many are seeking ways for used office furniture to bring back value into the company through every aspect of their operation.

At PVI Office Furniture, not only do we sell new office furniture but we also help companies dispose of their used office furniture. For over 25 years, PVI Office Furniture has been resources for companies – large and small who need a reliable partner in the proper removal of their old office furniture.

There are many factors to consider when the time comes to dispose of your old office furniture. Many companies are unaware of the risks involved in the proper disposal of their old office furniture. There are financial risks – from how you will dispose and remove of the office furniture, environmental risks to where you will dispose the old furniture – not everyone is away you can’t simply toss your office furniture in the dumpster, which can result in a liability to your company.

Another factor, is the downtime your workforce will have while you transition from old office furniture to new office furniture. Many times, having one company remove your office furniture and another deliver new office furniture can result in lost productivity if one is not able to coordinate with the other. Simply put, removal of office furniture can be minefield to navigate.

With the right plan, we know how to work with companies to make this process seamless.

Let’s start with your old office furniture. How to remove your old office furniture

Create an office furniture inventory

First things first. You will need a thorough inventory of your office furniture that you wish to remove. This clear information saves you headaches by minimizing any miscommunication down the road.

A basic inventory includes:

  • A spreadsheet with listing all office furniture assets that you will be removing. Be sure to include item types, brand names, age, condition, dimensions and locations of the office furniture.
  • Pictures. Take a picture of each office furniture you wish remove and keep it with your inventory list.

A proper inventory will also help you understand the item-by-item value of your surplus office furniture. If you are purchasing new office furniture, you may discover through this process that many of your current office furniture piece might fit in with new office furniture – such as pedestals, file cabinets, this can save you money on your office furniture budget.

An inventory should include your costs associated with your current office furniture as well. For example, Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair tends to retain some market value. Similarly, filing cabinets can generate returns from their metal content. Knowing how many you have and of what size will ensure your help you determine the metal cost.

Your inventory should also help identify which items are broken. Broken chairs, tables and desks cannot be reused, refurbished or recycled. This is probably not a large percentage of your inventory, but you will want to factor this into your inventory as well.

ROI and Removal Of Your Office Furniture

Once you have your office furniture inventory, the next step is to determine your goals with this inventory.

Most companies feel that their old office furniture inventory should have a financial return or ROI. While it is possible with certain pieces in your inventory to seek a financial return, in many cases, depending on the vendors you work with, most office furniture does not retain a sizable value.

Many office furniture vendors, like PVI Office Furniture, we can professionally assess your office furniture and give you a professional estimate of what we feel your current used office furniture inventory is worth. Rather than reselling the office furniture or purchasing the office furniture, we do find that it is more cost effective for companies to pay for removal and proper disposal of these furniture pieces.

Which brings us to the next step. Furniture removal is a costly expense for organizations if it is done improperly. Many companies do not know that you cannot simply put your old office furniture in the dumpster at your office. Also, if the removal of the old office is delayed or disrupted so are the other components – such as installing new office furniture or move in dates if an office is relocating. The key here is knowing the project scope of your intentions with your old office furniture and working with a reliable logistics provider. It’s important to choose the right vendor for furniture removal who is well versed in removal and disposal of office furniture to ensure that this process is properly managed.

With a proper inventory and firm grasp of the risks and opportunities associated with the removal of your old office furniture, the process of removing office furniture from your office can be a great opportunity for your organization to not only keep better track of your office furniture assets but to ensure that you are not wasting valuable time and money within your operating budget.

For more information on how PVI Office Furniture can assist you with the removal of your old office furniture, contact our Office Furniture Consultants or simply visit our Frederick, MD showroom to get the process started with our team. We are the experts in office furniture removal and we can help your organization make this process a snap.

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