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What Does Your Office Furniture Say About You and Your Company?

At PVI, we know that your office furniture is more just an investment in equipment. Office furniture and the design of your office space is a statement of your brand and gives your employees the ability to produce their best efforts for your company.

The landscape of office design has changed; In many cases, our workplaces have multi-generations working together and while traditional, standardized environments remain present, office design and office furniture is evolving.

office furniture and office design
Employees are rejecting the repetitive office space designs of the past. Employees want work in a work space that is engaging, inspiring and purpose-driven. With this shift, employers are seeking ways to bring together creativity, collaboration, branding, and tech-efficient spaces together over just a standard, cookie-cutter office design.

Thinking of Office Design Outside The Box

Increasing, at PVI, we see many clients who need office space design that want office space design outside of the box – meaning, they want a design that reflects a unique perspective that reflect their brand and their core values. Many clients we see need office designs that allows for their creative teams to innovate and brainstorm in work spaces that allow for them to meet in unique ways, such as community spaces and meeting spaces rather than just cubicles.

Creating a work space where your employees can grow and be productive impacts not only your bottom line but can be a huge incentive with prospective employees as well. As pictured in this post, we like to recommend designs such as Group Lacasse for their innovative workstations that allow for collaborative space and modern designs that can allow teams to integrate with each other. Custom color designs give employers the ability to design around their branding as well.

Standing Out With Office Design

Today’s modern office design re-defining brand and culture design. Office design is one way organizations are defining themselves to prospective employees and clients. Office features can be your signature piece – whether it’s your reception chairs or a reception desk or a lounge area, these design features make your brand stand out.  Office furniture can create a lasting impression on your employees and clients, at PVI, we want to ensure you have options that not only fit your budget but also fit your brand design to help you stand out.

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