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Office Furniture Assembly Services in Arnold, MD

What’s worse than assembling office furniture? From the confusing instructions to the bottomless bags of screws that somehow never contain the size you’re looking for, who has the time or patience to assemble your new desks and chairs? You have a business to run! Fortunately, when you choose PVI, you’ll never have to clarify if you wanted plank “D5” or “B5” again. PVI will handle all of your office furniture assembly for you!

PVI is dedicated to helping you with your office space redesign from start to finish. From picking out your office furniture from our massive inventory to the assembly and layout of the furniture in your office, PVI has you covered. To learn more about our office furniture assembly services, contact PVI today!

Desk and Chair Assembly for Your Office

No matter how big or small the job is, PVI can handle your office furniture assembly. All of our beautiful new and used office furniture can be assembled on-site at your office with ease. Our inventory includes:

To see our office furniture in person, come by our Frederick, MD showroom.

Start-To-Finish Office Furniture Services in Arnold, MD

Purchasing office furniture is a stressful time for a business. But PVI is here to take the burden off of you, allowing you to get back to what really matters: running your business. If you need office furniture, you want it there fast so you can get your office back to normal. That’s why PVI offers furniture delivery services that will bring your desks, chairs, or file cabinets directly to your Arnold, MD office.

Once you have your furniture delivered to you, next comes the worst part: the assembly. Don’t worry about Ikea instructions or trying to find the medium length screw for plank B6 again—let PVI handle the office furniture set up. When you choose delivery from PVI, our office furniture experts will:

  • Bring your furniture to you on your schedule. Our delivery services won’t leave you waiting between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. like other services. We’ll get your furniture to you when you want it!
  • Assemble your furniture. Don’t go through the tedious process of building your furniture again!
  • Lay your furniture out. PVI offers premium office layout services. Unsure about how to set up your office furniture? PVI has the answer. Learn more here.

Office Furniture Assembly in Arnold, MD

Our office furniture experts will help you pick out the best furniture for your space, bring it to you, and even help you set it up. If you want the convenience of quick, efficient office furniture assembly, contact PVI today!

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