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Office Desk Features You Never Knew You Wanted

Whether they’re inside of a cubicle or large and on display in the reception area, office desks are the heart of employees’ workspaces. Their surfaces are used constantly for any sort of work, and if they have storage, they contain all your necessary tools.

While desks have much in common when it comes to their utility and function, there are a surprising number of features available that can set them apart. Keep reading to learn about some of them!

Floating/Wall Mount Desks

Desks with wall mount capabilities not only add a minimalist, modern flair to your home or commercial office. They can also be positioned at a height that makes them perfect as standing desks.

Built-In Technology Ports

Have you ever seen a desk that you can plug your laptop or USB into? They exist, and they make staying charged and connected easier than ever. These desks are particularly useful in communal workspaces where employees come and go frequently, bringing their electronic devices with them.

Two-Tiered Desktops

Two-tiered desktops are perfect for those who like to keep their space tidy, yet need to keep many tools out in the open and close by when working. With these workspaces, you can create a visual hierarchy between your tools and laptop or keyboard.

Adjustable Height Desks

If you want to give your employees the opportunity to use a standing desk sometimes, but don’t want to commit them to it forever, adjustable height desks could be perfect for your office. Desks with adjustable heights are also ideal if you are concerned with providing very ergonomic furniture, as they can be adjusted for the optimal height for each employee.

Office Desks in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

Did you learn about any desk features you like? Contact PVI to learn more about our premium selection of office desks! PVI carries desks in size increments of one inch apiece, so no matter what kind of space you have, PVI can accommodate your needs. And if you’re concerned about how your new office is going to look with your new desks, PVI offers premium office space planning and design services.

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