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News You Can Use: Employee Productivity and Its Impact On Office Design

This week, we are bringing you news you can use on the topic of office design and how it impacts your employee productivity with the latest articles from Inc.com, Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine.

13 Ways To Hack Your Workspace For Optimal Productivity

There are podcasts, morning routines, hobbies, and even procrastination techniques that can make you more productive.

But there’s one thing that might be missing from your arsenal of time management hacks: optimizing your work desk and workspace for ultimate productivity.

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Here’s What Happens When You Take Away Dedicated Desks For Employees

Recent years have brought a lot of changes to the office, particularly as technology grows and younger generations begin to eclipse older employees. One trend that has taken hold is hotdesking, the practice of having no assigned workstations, and where employees share desk space with others.

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Rethinking Workplace Design For Millennials and Gen Z

With each passing year, there has been a paradigm shift to transform an office into an effective horizon for the employees. Today, as the dynamics of a workplace are witnessing professional growth of Millennials and entry of Gen Z, the need of the hour is to create a translucent design that will blend in the requirements of all under one roof.

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Do Open Offices Encourage Sexism?

In the age of #MeToo, when so much of professional society is being re-examined for sexism, workplace design could be the next area to go under the microscope.

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