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New Cubicles & Workstations for Your Baltimore, MD Office

Make sure your employees have the privacy and comfort they need at your office with PVI’s line of new cubicles and workstations! These pieces can transform your Baltimore office into a professional and efficient work space for your employees. Our workstations and cubicles are provided by our premium office furniture manufacturer Three H, which means they are attractive, space-efficient, and ready to be delivered to your Baltimore, Maryland office today!

Are you interested in a new cubicle or work station for your office? Contact PVI online or give us a call at 301.694.7162 today to learn more about their benefits!

Types of Cubicles & Workstations

PVI offers a wide variety of workstations and cubicles in Baltimore to fit any office aesthetic. Here are a few questions to consider when you’re deciding what kind of cubicle or workstation you want for your office:

  • How much privacy do you need for your employees? We offer standard cubicles with dividing walls, along with more enclosed, private workstations. It’s important to consider, however, that while some of our more walled-off workstations offer more privacy, they sometimes have less storage and desk space than the more open alternatives.
  • What type of material do you want? Our more open workstations are made of wood with metal supporting legs, while the more enclosed cubicles vary in material and have cloth-coated walls. Each fits a different style depending on what you want out of your workstation!

Contact us today for a meeting with one of our office space planning experts in your Baltimore office. We can help you plan the best way to set up your new cubicles or workstations based on the existing style, theme, location, and space constraints in your office.

You can also come by our Frederick warehouse and showroom to see what kind of office furniture solutions we can offer for your office!

Our Cubicle Manufacturers

We are proud to partner with premium cubicle manufacturers, including:

New Cubicles & Workstations in Baltimore, MD

Not only does PVI carry brand new cubicles and workstations in Baltimore, but we also offer new office desks and chairs to fully outfit your space. We also provide efficient delivery to get your new office furniture to you when it’s most convenient to you. We’ll schedule a time that fits best in your busy day and take the furniture to you then. At PVI, we aim to make your office more functional, efficient, productive, and convenient for both employees and customers.

That’s why PVI has you covered for every aspect from furniture to delivery—and even organization. We know how important it is for a workspace to be comfortable and productive. With the right storage and style options for your specific needs, we hope your employees will be able to accomplish more without the stress of looking for misplaced items.

Are you ready to improve productivity in your office space? Contact us today at 301.694.7162 to learn more about our new cubicles and workstations in Baltimore, MD!

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