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The Long and Winding Road: How PVI Office Furniture Has Managed its Success Through 25 Years

Today’s blog post is written by PVI Office Furniture President, Mark Hill. Mark shares his thoughts on the 25 years of PVI Office Furniture.

In today’s economy, businesses come and go. It seems that many companies find longevity difficult in this volatile business environment due to many factors such as transportation, insurance, goods and services costs to name a few.  In facing these challenges, strong leaders and companies emerge.


Celebrating 25 years at PVI office furniture

As I look back as my company, PVI Office Furniture, celebrates its 25th anniversary this April, I am reflective on the journey my team and I have taken to reach this milestone.

In the Beginning.

Many clients have asked – what does the PVI stand for? These are the initials of my first partner Pat Voveris. Pat had a printing and graphics brokerage business located in Rockville, MD and I had just left Desks & Furnishings (D&F).  Pat and I had our first location in Rockville, MD – with one truck and warehouse/showroom. Pat’s company handled printing, graphic design services as well as sales of office supplies – which is why we later added “plus” to our PVI Office Furniture name.

We quickly grew to a larger team of warehouse individuals and after hiring one additional sales person, the company was well on its way. One of the lessons I learned early during these early years? Maintaining our success called for managing our growth and constant evaluation of the business model.

The key to longevity is to understand that as you grow, you need to manage your costs and overhead to sustain your company over the long haul. In these early days, this lesson was a valuable one.

With Success Comes Growth

As our success grew, so did our staff and need for expansion. In 2005, we opened our 2nd location in Frederick, MD while maintaining a showroom in Rockville, MD.  The growth was not without pain and the important lesson of managing our costs.  During this time, I made sure to keep a sharp eye to our bottom line .  I adjusted our business model to add more product lines. We introduced to our customer base used office furniture and services such as disposal and removal of office furniture that kept PVI one step ahead of its competition. By always keeping our business model flexible and adjusting to our customer needs, our bottom line to grew.

The Journey Continues

Today, PVI has moved into its current warehouse and showroom location in Frederick, MD – and we now at our largest in terms of employee capacity – over 30 employees with sales and operations teams in place.  Over the years, we have adapted to the changing marketplace as well. We have moved from just being a “brick and mortar” business to incorporating digital marketing and having a strong presence on social media and television broadcasting with our innovative advertising campaigns to grow our customer base from just being a “Maryland” business to a business that grows companies around the country. Our motto “Fast. Excellent. Affordable. Business Grows With PVI” lends credence to our history and our ability to help companies with our office furniture expertise, our services and our products. In 25 years, times and markets have changed, but PVI Office Furniture remains a steadfast organization that strives to ensure that the customers we serve grow with our success as well.

To learn more about PVI Office Furniture and our 25 year history, see the video we have produced that goes more in-depth about our history and our team at PVI!

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