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Increase Employee Engagement with Office Design

As an employer, you’re trying to improve the performance of your business and maximize the productivity of your employees. Sounds reasonable, but ‘how’ to go about it is the question. Do you put up motivational posters? Create an incentive program? Invest in sending workers to workshops and training? It turns out the answer may be closer to home and right where you are sitting reading this blog.


You may not realize it, but creating the right office environment with the right office design has an incredible effect on whether your employees are healthy, happy, motivated and engaged in their work or not. If you want to improve employee engagement, you need to understand three key aspects of the modern office which influence the performance of your employees:

  • Promoting physical health and wellbeing for employees in their workspaces.
  • Leveraging advances in information technology to create new choices for employee workspaces.
  • Using office design to influence the way employees, customers and prospects view your company.

 How Office Design Can Impact Health and Wellbeing of Employees

Did you know that lower back pain affects more than 100 million Americans and results in approximately $600 billion a year in medical expenses plus many hours off the job for treatment? Lower back pain is just part of the problem. Your employees can also run the risk of repetitive stress injuries and other associated injuries on the job. That’s why it’s so important to start with the basics and provide your employees with comfortable, ergonomic seating and work stations.

To help prevent some of these types of health-related issues, employers are looking at the office furniture they provide their employees. More employers are purchasing “Sit-to-Stand” workstations and desks which allow employees to change their seating position throughout the day, moving from a seated position to a standing position at the touch of a button. Not only do these flexible tables and workstations make it easier to accommodate employees of different statures, they can also help significantly improve employee health.

Another office furniture option for employers is ergonomic seating. As we all know, employees come in all shapes and sizes. This makes it even more challenging to find the right ergonomic seating arrangement for everyone in today’s office environments.

Adjustable chairs have been an accepted part of the office design landscape for many years. Now electrically-operated tables and computer workstations that can be height adjusted at the touch of a button are becoming standard equipment in modern offices.

As countless studies, have shown, staying seated for prolonged periods of time can increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and death– regardless of whether the person exercises regularly are not. Even exercising an hour or more a day doesn’t eliminate the health risk that comes from regular prolonged sitting.

Technology in Office Design

Today’s technology plays a critical role in office design. Many office furniture designs are now infused with technology ports that allow you to create a portable, flexible workspace for your employees. Such as training tables that allow for you to connect your mobile tablets and other electronic devices seamlessly. This allows you to the ability to have a multitude of options when planning your space and not be beholden to electric outlets and archaic architecture designs in most older office space designs.

Infuse Your Brand with Office Furniture Design

Not only are you selecting office furniture to create a healthy corporate culture, but you need office furniture that sets the tone for your corporate brand as well. Your office furniture makes the first impression, whether it’s the reception area or the boardroom. The furniture you select speaks to your corporate brand. Ensuring that your office furniture serves a multitude of functions is key when choosing the right furniture for your office.

The Bottom Line

At PVI Office Furniture, we can work with you to provide your office with the right ergonomic office furniture options to meet your office furniture budget. From brands, such as OfficeSource, Global and more we have options in new, closeout and pre-owned selections that can help you keep your employees productive and healthy. You can visit our Frederick, MD, the largest in Central Maryland. We’re open daily 9am to 5pm and for your convenience. Or you can always contact our Office Furniture Consultants via our website here. At PVI Office Furniture, we’re fast, affordable and excellent to help your business grow.

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