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Working from home or telecommuting is no longer just a trend. It’s now part of our life.

There are many benefits of working from home office. Not only do you get to avoid the commute, you have greater flexibility with your schedule, you are also more productive. To make working from home work, you have to take measures to boost productivity and eliminate distractions.

The best benefit anyone will tell you about working from a home office is the flexibility of office hours. However, with this benefit, comes some up and down sides. First, you need to set boundaries on your time. Even though you are working from home, be mindful that you need to set office hours – and that your office hours are flexible to your clients. Be sure to build in breaks in your day as you would if you were in a normal office setting. Give yourself the ability to take breaks and don’t go that time. Time management is key to keeping your home office running efficiency.

Speaking of setting boundaries…

When you are working from the home office, you need to make sure you have a space that is your office and your home. Working from the kitchen table can lead to interruptions, whether that’s from the kids or the furry friends that inhabit your home. You need to establish a space that is your office space and home space. That’s why it’s important you make a plan to create home office in your home where you can focus on your work without distractions and where everyone in your home knows you are in the zone of business. PVI Office Furniture can help. Our office space specialists can help you plan the right space and assist you with selecting desks, chairs and filing system, storage options that will compliment your home office.

Investing in your home office…

It’s important you invest good office furniture that only is functional for your work but that can enhance your living space as well. When it comes to your home office, you need to invest Standing and height-adjustable sit+stand desks – we recommend the Officesource StandUp Desks– this desk allows you to get the perfect work surface height, while promoting a healthy work environment. You will also need to consider a great ergonomic chair as well, we have several that we recommend from Offices To Go that will enhance your space and support your health as well.

The Bottom Line…

Working from home is a way of life. The future of the home office is here now and is not just a trend. The home office is your calling card to your clients and co-workers in your home and to make your home office work for you it’s best to invest in the right office furniture that allows you to be a professional in your home and to be more productive. PVI Office Furniture offers many options from various brands to make your home office a success.

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