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Having the right home office furniture is essential to productivity. If you work in a home office with files and papers stacked in every spare corner, it’s time for you to upgrade your space.

You don’t need a whole lot to make your space into the perfect home office. We suggest these office furniture essentials to start in your home office design:

Before you figure out your layout, check out our new and used office furniture to see what would work well in your home office! Contact us today to order your home office furniture in Maryland, DC, or VA, or visit our warehouse!

Our Picks for the Best Home Office Furniture

Once you have your space picked out and set up, it’s time to start picking furniture. Here are some things to consider when choosing your home office furniture:

  • Find the right desk. While you likely won’t be able to fit a huge desk with a return in your home office, there are smaller desks that will provide the right amount of space with easily accessible storage. Through our new desk vendor, OfficeSource, we can provide desks that are both small enough to fit in even the tiniest home offices, yet efficient enough to incorporate much-needed storage space.
  • Decide which file cabinets fit best in your home office. You’re going to need storage space for all your documents. That means finding the right file cabinets that provide the appropriate amount of storage without sacrificing style. Whether you want wood file cabinets that are longer, or metal file cabinets that are taller, PVI can provide you with the style that best suits your home office.
  • Don’t skimp on an office chair. There are enough distractions at home, and if you’re uncomfortable, you can pretty much throw productivity out the window. We recommend an ergonomic home office chair that will support you through 12-hour stretches.
  • Invest in quality lighting. Quality lighting can set the mood of an office space, and that’s no different for a home office. Good, quality lighting is essential for any home office furniture collection.

Working from Home: Office Design Tips

Unfortunately, many don’t have the necessary space to have a large, luxurious home office. So when trying to layout your home office, it’s important to make the most out of your space with efficient placement of office furniture. That way, you can fit everything in the room, without sacrificing the usability that you crave for your home office. Once you have the space for your home office picked out, here are a few tips to start maximizing your space:

  • Build vertically. In the tighter space of a home office, using the height of the room is essential. This means installing shelves on the walls in order to fit the office supplies and decorations you want in your office. By taking full advantage of your wall space and the verticality of your home office, you can create a more open floor plan that won’t leave you feeling claustrophobic.
  • Take advantage of your natural light. One of the best things about working from your home office is escaping the harsh fluorescent lights of the office. If the office space you’ve picked out for your home office has a window that lands in direct sunlight, position your desk so that you can experience the benefits of having light shine on your desk without the downside of screen glare. You can do this by either facing your window, or by positioning your desk perpendicular to the window. Natural light has been found to increase productivity, so be sure to take advantage!
  • Make sure your chair is on the right surface. If your desk chair has wheels, the surface of your home office could be an issue. Fortunately, there are easy fixes! If your home has hardwood floors, buying a plastic mat will eliminate scratching and marks on your floors. If you have carpet, your wheels could get stuck, limiting your mobility. The same mat should work just fine for this, too.

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