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Go Green With Your Office Space Design

What does it mean to go “green”? At PVI Office Furniture, we see “green” as a way for your company to introduce office space designs that maximize your employee productivity through innovative office furniture and functional space planning that allows you to get the most of your office space and employees. We also see “green” as how you can increase your bottom-line with cost effective ways to improve your office environment.  Below, we have outlined our “green” ideas.


Don’t freeze out office productivity

One of the biggest complaints we hear from employees is that their office environments are either too cold or too hot. It may seem like a little issue to business owners, but we’ve seen studies where productivity can be impacted by the temperature of offices by nearly 4% if employees are too cold and by 6% if employees are too hot. Employees who need to peel off layers or add layers to their clothing can be impacted by these temperature changes – it causes employees to be too uncomfortable to work in both environments. Keeping your temperature at a comfortable rate helps to keep your employees working at their prime productivity. You may not make everyone happy but you will hopefully find a middle ground for all.

Another issue is air quality. Chemicals, polluted indoor air can make employees less productive as well. It can affect clarity of thoughts and make employees less likely to work at their prime performance. Consider looking at filters out impurities in the air or ventilation systems that will circulate fresh air into your office space.

Let the sun in!

The more an office can rely on daylight than artificial light the better. Employees are more likely to do better work if they are exposed to daylight. Skylights, windows, any way you can bring in the light helps to illuminate better productivity. In addition to improved performance, daylight helps in other healthy ways, better sleep – which makes a huge difference in concentration and focus. Did you know that employees who have access to windows in their office ice workers with windows and white light during their work day will sleep an average of 46 extra minutes a night? That sleep can mean a huge difference to your bottom-line.

Another big benefit to a company’s bottom-line, the more an office can rely on daylight instead of artificial light, the more it can save on electricity. That savings can put back into R&D and more for your company.

Bring in the GREEN!

Not only do windows provide natural light, but they also can provide views – especially of nature. Studies have shown that if you able to see trees or a park from your windows, it can make employees less frustrated, more patient, healthier, and more focused on work. Indoor plants, too, help make people more efficient and better able to concentrate. If your building doesn’t have a natural setting nearby consider adding plantings or even pictures of nature to help.

Lower carbon footprint with open office design

Many employees and company owners are not big fans of “open” office spaces. However, these designs lead to better collaboration among employees and if done right, you can add “quiet” zones when employees need time to focus. There are so many options available to create an open design that can improve your company performance as well as create a denser design that uses less space, which in turn lowers a building’s overall carbon footprint.

Another benefit of open office spaces is that you can incorporate shared work space. Shared work space allows you the flexibility to allow some employees to telecommute from their home as well. Many employees say a flexible work schedule is big benefit and keeps their satisfied with their employers as well as loyal to their positions.

The bottom-line

Small changes can mean big returns for companies in today’s office space. At PVI Office Furniture, we have office furniture for every budget and we can help you design a green, open office space that addresses not only your employee productivity issues but also your concerns with ensuring you are providing an environmentally friendly office environment for your employees to thrive and your business to grow. We offer many nationally recognized brands who specialized in “green” office furniture that meets today’s strict EPA standards and our team of Office Furniture Consultants can work with you on a space design that will address your challenges. Visit us today in Frederick, MD or contact us online – anytime!

Learn more about some of our brands that go green at PVI. Featuring KFI and Three H.

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