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Office Furniture Leasing in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

Are you currently leasing an office space? Do you have an exponentially growing business? Are you frequently have visiting clients or investors? Are you unsure which office furniture would suit your workspace best? If any of these scenarios apply to you, leasing office furniture for your business may be a better decision than purchasing it outright.

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Benefits of Leasing Office Furniture

Why should you lease office furniture rather than purchasing it? Doing so can help you:

  • Save money – If your business is growing, it may be expensive to keep purchasing new office furniture. Renting office furniture is an affordable solution and could save you money in the long run! If you are leasing an office space, leasing furniture will also allow you to change locations with ease—we can deliver, set up, and take down furniture for you!
  • Impress clients and visitors – If clients and visitors frequently visit your office space, you need impressive furniture to build trust and confidence in them by creating a professional atmosphere. Leasing office furniture can allow you to spruce up your office or conference room if it would otherwise be cost prohibitive.
  • Find the right furniture before you commit to a long-term purchase – If you need office furniture but aren’t sure what would best suit your space, lease it before you buy it! Leasing office furniture will allow you to better understand how you want your office to look and what kind of furniture you really need. If you need more help planning your office space, call PVI!

If you think leasing office furniture is the right choice for your Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia business, contact PVI! We know that delivering world-class customer service leads to long-lasting customer relationships, so if for any reason you’re not satisfied, we will make every effort to regain your confidence—that’s our guarantee!

Ready to Lease Office Furniture in MD, DC, or VA?

Have you decided that leasing office furniture might be the right decision for your business? Next, you need to determine which lease terms would suit you best.

At PVI, we offer attractive lease terms ranging between 12 and 72 month options. The longer your term, the larger your discount! You get to choose your custom lease structure, as well as your payment arrangement. We offer flexible seasonal, deferred, or step payments.

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