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Fireproof File Cabinets in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Without proper precautions, a fire on your property could mean the end of your Gaithersburg business. You can’t predict workplace disasters, but you can protect your most vital paperwork in a fireproof file cabinet.

Why Choose a Fireproof File Cabinet?

Unlike regular file cabinets, our FireKing file cabinets are built with fireproof capabilities to protect against heat, flames and smoke during a fire. Fireproof file cabinets are also watertight so sprinklers and fire hoses can’t damage your paperwork.

You wish you could protect everything during a fire, but our fireproof file cabinets are great for your most important paperwork including:

  • Policies, procedures, and your business plan
  • Financial, tax and inventory records
  • Customer, vendor and employee information
  • Insurance policy information
  • Sales, accounts receivable and shipping records
  • HR and payroll records
  • Business drawings and specifications
  • Service agreements, operational manuals, and books
  • Essential video and audio recordings

What Types of Fireproof File Cabinets are Available at PVI?

At our Frederick, Maryland warehouse, we have the most popular types of fireproof file cabinets which include: 2- and 4-drawer vertical and 2- and 4-drawer lateral.

One of the most popular brands of fireproof file cabinets in the Gaithersburg area is FireKing. When you choose the ever-popular vertical or lateral file cabinets from this manufacturer, you enjoy the following features:

  • 1-Hour Class 350 Fire Rating, meaning the file cabinet can withstand external temperatures up to 1700 degrees for one hour while keeping the contents at 350 degrees or less (paper begins to char at 400 degrees)
  • High impact rating giving the file cabinet the ability to survive a fall of 30 feet and still maintain its fire-protecting abilities
  • Asbestos-free, dry insulation able to protect the file cabinet’s contents for a lifetime
  • Replaceable steel panels
  • Exterior-mounted handles
  • High-security locks
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Fireproof File Cabinets in Gaithersburg, Maryland

FireKing is the leader in fireproof file cabinets, and the PVI warehouse and showroom in Frederick, Maryland has quite a few used and new products available in stock. When you shop used, your file cabinet might have a few scratches or dents, but the ability to protect your documents is as robust as ever. Enjoy up to 60 percent off when you shop used fireproof file cabinets in Gaithersburg! Come by our warehouse or give us a call to see if the fireproof file cabinets you’re after are available.

Directions: Gaithersburg to PVI’s Office Furniture Warehouse

  • Get on I-270 N
  • Continue on I-270 to Frederick
  • Take exit 55 from I-70 E
  • Continue on E South St. Drive to Monroe Ave
  • Turn right into PVI’s Office Furniture Warehouse

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