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How Cubicles Are Evolving in Today’s Modern Office Space

There is early speculation that this could be the year we see the demise of cubicles in the office space. But have no fear, at PVI Office Furniture, our trend outlook is that cubicles are not leaving but rather evolving into more dynamic designs to function with today’s work environments.


The traditional cubicle has only been in commercial office space for a few decades. The cubicle has revolutionized how we plan office space and design functional work spaces to create more productive office spaces for companies in many sizes. The first cubicle was designed by an Art Professor in 1964 – under the design name of “Action Offices”. The concept was designed to create semi-private work spaces that allowed for individuals to have greater productivity in large open office spaces.  This concept and layout has now become an easily-recognizable symbol of the modern office.

Cubicles are here to stay.

The concept of the cubicle design in modern office furniture is so deeply ingrained in small businesses to large corporations. Like any commercial office furniture trend, what we see happening now in the commercial office furniture landscape is that early adopters are seeking an alternative to the “cubicle” as we have known it in the past. The cubicle is evolving to meet the demands of the new workplace. Cubicles are becoming more open and semi-private to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

The concept of “cubicle” is evolving.

The design of cubicles, workstations and modular office furniture have changed shape over the years. From the traditional giant grids to small four-square groups to rounded wall shells and long one-direction facing workstations.  Cubicles are also beginning to take up less floor space in order to accommodate what was once considered to be “secondary furnishings.” This evolution is partly due to the way the economy has changed as well.  Another factor that has sparked this cubicle evolution, is that the way we think about the employee in our workplace has changed. No longer do we have just the category of full-time and part-time on-site employees, but our employee landscape has changed to include contractors, freelancers, specialists, and commuter workforce. These new types of employees who have specific work environment have created a need for less designated work space.

We have also seen that modern offices are now outfitted with more acoustic and collaborative furniture. This furniture is placed strategically among cubicles and modular workstations. Through our travels in many companies, we have seen companies dedicate entire floors or sections to collaborative and acoustic furniture as it has become more popular for organizations to create space for small team meetings, virtual conferences, and brainstorming sessions.

PVI Has Cubicles for Every Budget!

The cubicle is a key piece of office furniture that PVI Office Furniture doesn’t see going out of style any time soon. We know how to create office space plans that incorporate cubicles to fit your modern office space and to function with your growing organization needs. The cubicle is evolving back to a more private and quiet work cube and our team of Office Furniture Consultants can work with you to create cubicle office plan that can move your business forward.  Why not contact us today and find out how to transform your office space with cubicles workstations from Groupe Lacasse, Maxon, Officesource and many of the other national office furniture brands we offer at our Frederick, MD showroom.

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