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Creating a Home at the Office

The modern office design is evolving. Companies are seeking office space designs that incorporate the comforts of home to improve employee morale and employment retention while keeping a balance that will also have a professional atmosphere in their office space.

The modern office is no longer just a utilitarian space, rather, due to the nature of business changing for many organizations and longer hours for employees, it’s essential that office space design and office furniture offer employees the benefit to work in environments that allow them the space to be productive and efficient over long periods of time.

The challenge for business is how do you strike the balance with your office design and furniture to create the home at the office?

At PVI Office Furniture, we have several options that we can explore with you in our products from such brands as OfficeSource, Three H and Groupe Lacasse that will give you the flexibility to create this environment.

We also suggest the following design and environmental touches to update your office space:

  • Bringing Nature Into The Office. The addition of plants and greenery and other natural elements can evoke a home like feel to your office. to your office space It’s amazing the difference a plant or two can do to change the feeling of a work space. Natural elements can soften the corporate look and feel to your office space. How green you go is up to you. You can choose to add a single potted plant in the break room to dozens of plants all around the office or as some offices do, update your space with a weekly fresh flower bouquet in the reception area. Some organizations have taken it a step further by creating roof-top garden space and green “living walls” if their office space allows. Which can be a bonus of a great team building event as well.
  • Creating a unique break room. Part of your transition to a home feel to your office should be to incorporate a unique break room where your employees can unwind and relax as well as host informal meetings.  Many offices are in locations where it is not possible for employees to leave during their breaks to get some fresh air. So it’s important to consider that factor in your desk. Consider adding sofas, chairs and creature comforts in this space to give it a home like fee.  The goal is to make the space warm and inviting. Remember to keep it safe, and don’t add elements that could be a safety hazard such as throw rugs and other potential dangerous elements.
  • Refreshments are a must!  Investing in a good refreshment area such a coffee stand is not only going to benefit your employees but makes entertaining clients and other guests much easier than sending out for Starbucks. It’s cost effective to have a good coffee service in house in the long run. Additionally, adding in features in your lounge area where employees can take a break, refresh with amenities that they would typically have to leave the office to fetch is also another productivity boost.  Keep in mind, this is a luxury and it does cost money – but your staff  and clients will absolutely love it.
  • Brighten Your Office With Art. Corporate branding and motivational posters can be very boring to stare at all day long. White walls can also lead to bored employees as well. Employees need inspiration and adding art that inspires can not only brighten your office but it can produce better productivity as well. Consider adding photos from employees – maybe you have employees who are adventurous and have some great action pics they would love to share. Or add in art pieces with colors that evoke a peaceful feeling in your office space. Get input from your staff and let them have fun deciding to fill the space with art.
  • Bring the light!  Blinding, white fluorescent lights not only make the office feel clinical and corporate, this type of lighting can also affect staff morale in a very negative way. There is a downside, health wise, to this lighting which can increase employees eye strain and headaches. Consider changing your lighting to a mix of overhead lights and task lighting, ensuring everything is adjustable in terms of brightness. If possible, let as much natural light into the office as your space allows. Natural light is something most people enjoy and the health benefits are great.

At first, it may sound strange to try to make an office space feel more like home for your employees. After all, the office is for work and the intent is for people to get work done and be productive. However, as our modern offices evolve, employee morale is moving to the forefront and that can only lead to better returns on the bottom line for companies. As today’s business owners compete for the “best” employees, it’s important for owners to ensure their office spaces are inviting not only for new employees but for the retention and productivity of existing staff.

For more information on how PVI Office Furniture can you transform your office into a more home like atmosphere, contact our Office Furniture Consultants today.

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