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How to Choose the Right Chair Size

In a world where bigger always seems to equate with better, does the same hold true when choosing your office chair? Office space planning is about more than just what can fit in your designated space, but rather what will work best for the individual user. Choosing the right sized, supportive office chair, yields a number of important benefits for employees, and business owners alike, so it’s imperative that you get it right the first time. Here are some great tips on picking the right size chair for your office, that you can’t afford to pass up.

How To Pick The Right Size Chair For Your Office

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your office chair, but two of the most important are ergonomics and size. Ergonomic chairs are those which suit a particular person’s body size, workstation, and tasks; but just because a chair is labeled as ergonomic doesn’t mean it will work for you. The key to choosing the right size chair is knowing what to look for, knowing how a chair should feel, and, if you can, trying it on for size before buying.

Key Elements to Look For:

  • Adjustability. The more adjustment options on a chair the better, including: arm height and width, backrest tilt, lumbar tension, and seat back height and width.
  • Backrest/Lumbar. Adjustable lumbar tension can make a huge difference to the comfort and health of your back and legs. If your job forces you to spend a lot of time leaning forward, look for a backrest with more of a forward tilt.
  • Fabric. New office chairs should be made of a breathable, quality fabric or mesh to allow for airflow, with a suitable amount of padding for comfort.
  • Seat depth. Depth of the seat should be in accordance with the height of the user.
  • Wheel base. The wheel base should be wide enough to prevent tipping, but not so wide that it trips up the user. Wheel types can vary, with some more suitable for carpeting, or hard flooring, than others.

Trying It On For Size:

Look for these features when trying out chairs to ensure the best fit, making adjustments until you achieve the following:

  • Feet should rest flat on the floor.
  • Chair arms should be close enough to the body to relax the shoulders.
  • Arm height should match desk height.
  • Backrest should follow the curvature of the spine, with adequate lumbar support.
  • The seat back should, at minimum, come to the top of the shoulder blades.
  • The chair should match the weight capacity of the user.

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