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Bringing Employees Together: The Community Table

In offices around the DC and Baltimore metro area, many employers are seeking ways to incorporate more social interaction between their employees in their office space design.

community tables for office furniture and offices

At PVI Office Furniture, one way that we achieve this goal is to create what is called the “community” table.

The community table is not a new concept. You’ve probably seen such tables in your local Starbucks and other restaurants where they are more prevalent. These types of community tables in these public settings allow for individuals to sit together evoke a “home” like feeling of family gathering at the dinner table. It’s a relaxed, more friendly environment where ideas are shared and stories are told in a comfortable setting rather than a stuffy conference room.

In an office setting, this type of design can bring employees together to share and socialize not only about business, but also to engage in conversation that may not happen in a board road. The community table is an invitation to foster strong bonds within your employee teams. No longer will you be held to the meeting calendar; you can have informal meetings that fit your day.

Bringing Community To Your Office Design

To incorporate this design into your office space, at PVI Office Furniture, we find that if you place a long table, such as designs from KFI or Officesource offer, in an open area space such as your lounge area or even if you have room in your reception area as long as the area is not enclosed, you can create this type of meeting space. Once your employees see this community table available, they will gravitate to it and put it to good use.

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