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Bring the Power of Color Into Your Office Space

When it comes to designing your office space, color plays an important role in your design features. Color evokes emotions. Color is how brands translate their identity. With so many options available in office furniture today, PVI knows that the selection of the right color choices in your office furniture can transform your work space. Whether you are selecting furniture for your reception or lounge area or workstation cubicles, chairs and desks your employee occupy on a daily basis, color matters.

Nature Inspires Our Color Choices

Since the dawn of time, we have drawn from nature to decorate their spaces. Natural elements such as sunlight and shadow, water, and earth are the pallet to which we take our cues for colors that can enhance our personal spaces. Although we tend to spend a large amount of time indoors, can’t erase the fact that humans have a basic need to surround ourselves with objects of nature that appeal to our senses. Brining in plants or other elements that evoke natural settings also play a role in how we mesh color and nature together. From the fabric choices – be it leather, linen or other textiles, these natural elements can evoke emotions in our daily work lives.

To bring nature and color together in our workplaces, at PVI, we suggest looking at various ways to bring these elements into your work place with office furniture and accessories as well as interior design elements such as painting, flooring that use the following:

  • Earthy, metallic mineral tones and colors found in nature
  • Warm and cool color tones
  • Patterns found in nature i.e. plants, flowers, or wood elements.
  • Natural fibers such as wool and linen
  • Natural materials such as wood, metal, stone
  • Thicker textiles used for upholstery, wall panels, and partitions
  • Drapery or wrapped wall panels with acoustic backing to fabric
  • Demountable wall systems with textile features

The Power Of Color

Most office spaces incorporate the color white into much of their design – from walls to desks, but did you know that white is least productive color? Most employees will tell you that white or off-white evokes feeling of a sterile environment.

Colors can elicit a variety of emotions, affecting the mood and output of your employees. Here are few suggestion on color choices – consider these colors when selecting your painting or even the color of your office chairs.

Red: Red is known as the “power” color. And in office environments, using the color red can help increase performance for those employees who are working on detailed oriented projects.

Blue: Blue is calming. The color blue promotes communication, trust, and efficiency. Blue is a color that really inspires employees who are creative types and opens the mind to new ideas. In the workplace, blue would be a good color in a room that is used for meetings – such as conference room and lounge areas.

Yellow:  Yellow has always been associated with optimism and can be a very stimulating color choice. It’s good choice for accent colors in reception areas and breakout spaces in your office space.

Green:  The color green has similar qualities to the color blue. Green is a calming color that promotes harmony and balance. Green also enhances performance. This is a great idea for office chair, workstations, desks and conference room accents.

At PVI, we can work with you to create synergy of colors and nature in your office design. From office furniture designs such as Groupe Lacasse, Three H Furniture Systems and OfficeSource that will capture your corporate branding as well as create color schemes that will allow you to create a more productive setting for your employees. Not only can PVI help you select the right the color palettes to bring out the productivity in your office but we can ensure you bring out the but we can suggest ergonomic and eco-friendly furniture options that will help you design a natural, colorful office that will transform your office.

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